The Tale Of The Twin Mages

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The Tale Of The Twin Mages

By: ALPHA-PEN ORIGINALS CompletedFantasy

Language: English

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Twin mages, separated by their mother at birth to prevent them from fulfilling their father's evil prophecy, must reunite now that they're adults. Together they must discover their abilities and find a way to fight their father's evil instead of helping him.

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★ E A R T H R E A L M ★★ N U M C R É S ★"Bring me his head!" shouted the grim voice of a grey-haired old man in a silver robe through the dense crowd at the entrance to the tavern. He was not exaggerating; he meant every word he spoke.Even as he screamed at the top of his lungs, he attracted no attention. A hand raised in the air and a back and forth motion signaled his troop of mages.Men in black robes began to crowd into the tavern - through the wide-open door that revealed a view of the crescent moon disappearing into the thick grey clouds in the sky.Moran was somewhere between the inner and outer chambers of the tavern when he heard Goja command his magicians to bring his head. His heart beat faster, he knew they were slow at their movements, and it would take them time to find a way into the second chamber he was heading towards, hoping to find an escape route.He knew that he had committed a great offence. For someone who had dedicated his life to stealing masterpieces,
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★ E A R T H R E A L M ★★ N U M C R É S ★The creaking sound of the door woke the cat, who was lying on the chair in the living room. He immediately hopped down when he saw Tanara's shillouette. She stretched languidly while wrapping her tail around Tanara's leg."Careful!" shouted Moran as he pushed Tanara out of her cat's grip and drew his sword. Before Tanara could ask why she was pushed out of the way or why he drew his sword, she heard her cat scream loudly, and the next thing she saw was cat blood splattering across her face."Alos must have sent this monster after us. I should not be here, I'd be putting you in danger," Moran said, sliding his blade back into position. In doing so, he overlooked the frozen young woman standing next to him.Tanara had run out of words. Her eyes wide, she stared at the dead, headless cat before her. Staring into her palms after wiping her face with them, she looked at Moran very angrily.Moran straightened up and backed away a bit. It was hard fo
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★ S H A D O W W O R L D ★★ TSHIRI'S THRONE ★Hands gently laid on the door. . .One hand on each side. . .A deep breath and a few negative thoughts about what awaits him on the other side of the door if he fails a mission.Alos was supposed to retrieve the crier from Moran, and somehow he failed. He knew that he was responsible not only for his own actions, but also for those of his followers.They had all failed in a simple task that night, and he knew full well that there would be consequences that he would have to face as reparations for his failure. He had spent the entire day reporting on last night's failure and was thinking about the best way to say that he had failed. But he knew he could not avoid it, and he thought this night was the perfect time to come into the presence of the Dark One.He pressed gently, and the door opened. It revealed the empty, vast land, wide enough to lose sight of man. He could not see the end of the land. Even in the glow of the moon, he could
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★ E A R T H R E A L M ★★ H A V A Ñ A K ★[ H A V E R N Y A K ]THE ARENA OF SANDHe raised his head from the golden desert sands and forced himself to his knees with the last vestige of strength in his triceps. The coarse grains of sand, the very hot ones that had burned under the sun that shone without mercy over the entire north, could not leave him lying there a second longer, even if he had not recovered from the last blow.Since the bell was rung, he had not touched his opponent. If it had been a fight to the death, he would have been dead. Lotino, who was his opponent, enjoyed the show to the fullest, he was fast, nimble enough to nullify all his attempts."You should not be fighting here, look around... they are all qualified to be here," Lotino whispered, and Kinada turned a deaf ear. He knew the mind games Lotino was trying to play. If he wasted even a thought on it, it would weaken him quickly enough for Lotino to achieve victory.The chants, the cheers of the crowd, whi
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★ E A R T H R E A L M ★★ H A V A Ñ A K ★A R E N A O F S A N DThe people were gathered, the Arena of Sand had never been so full. They were all waiting for the last great battle. This was the day when the last member of the Brotherhood of Seekers would be chosen. Lotino, who was eligible to be the leader of this brotherhood, had already been summoned by the ruler's advisor, who was also the announcer. He had realised that with Lotino's fighting abilities, anyone who could overcome him and win the battle would be worth the last place. For the journey to the forests of Eslava, they needed men with great fighting skills."Is there one man! Only one man bold enough to stand against the Warcraft, Lotino?"The ruler's advisor spoke with such enthusiasm, patting Lotino's bare chest. Lotino chuckled when he saw that there was no one in the crowd willing to accept the open challenge. He was not the only one looking forward to the fight, Lotino himself wanted nothing more than for the bel
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In the confines of his room, Kinada sat on the bare floor wondering what this next phase of life would look like for him. It was bad enough to be different, to be despised by all and regarded as an outcast in his own land. Now he is faced with a greater battle, one which is worse than he has ever faced."You brought this one upon yourself Kinada, you and you alone" he muttered to himself. If only he listened to Reeda. "I have not just lost my freedom but possibly the only soul who has ever cared about my existence."Sitting on the cold hard floor, he leaned back on the rough wall behind him, resting his head on the wall, he took a deep breath. He is no doubt tired, beyond tired, in fact, tired is an understatement. Broken is the word. To be clear, Kin was both physically and emotionally broken. If he wasn't already used to the entire world being too hard on him, he would be crying his eyes out. He took a moment to examine his bruised body a little. His swollen arm, bruises all over
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Reeda continues to pace back and forth in Kinada's apartment. She was sure she read Kin's message right, of course she did. But she wants to believe she missed something up. There's no way Kinada was foolish enough to leave a message like this, or even stupid enough to attempt to carryout what she could make out of his message."Surely, Kin is not that stupid" Is he not? I mean he readily threw himself into Lotino's den with his eyes wide open, even after he had already lost to him twice. If that is not stupidity of the highest order, what is? "I need to talk some sense into that block head" she said aloud. Reeda made to rush out of the house, but it struck her like a heavy wind of reality. "But how do I get in? oh no, no, no" There's no way she can get to Kinada. No matter how much she tries, they won't let her in. Even if she finds her way in, How would she get audience with him?She slowly sank into the bed feeling so defeated. Why on earth did Kin have to put her in this situa
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She has tried so many times, using different techniques to make her forget about the incident, all to no avail. It wasn't working, nothing seems to be working. Her curiosity is getting the best of her and no one can blame her.If Qora did not know better, she would think Tanara was high on some substance, but she's yet to find a substance that can make this young woman high. "You have not been having a good sleep have you? You look terrible" Qora said to Tanara who sat at the bar staring right back at her like she had no interest in the words that just came out of her mouth."What is the matter dear, talk to me. You don't look okay!" Qora pressed on. "Of course I'm not ok Qora. How could I? Nothing seems to be making sense anymore, absolutely nothing." Tanara snapped at the poor woman. "Hmm, it's still about your mystery man is it not?" Qora askedRolling her eyes, Tanara replied "Firstly, He is not MY mystery man. And secondly, it is not just about the man, Qora. I feel there is m
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