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Lucas Rendell was despised by everyone because he was a delivery guy. He had nothing as his family were only peasants. He had a popular and rich girlfriend who introduced him to her parents because her parent’s were on her neck to bring a man. Along the line, he realized that she never really loved him. She was only using him to pass time and at this, cheated on him with a famous guy in the country. He was beaten and insulted by both her parents and the guy… Just when he thought his life was over, he was rescued by an elegant man and recognized as “young master”. He became wealthy as the heir of Belcraft, but decided to keep this a secret. His secret becomes a weapon to fight his enemies and he is not willing to back down until he takes them down.

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Chapter 1
Sweats rolled down from the corner of his head as he rode to his workplace as fast as he could.He could feel his heart beating against his chest as though it were going to burst through because he knew that he was already late. He was late because he had gone to his girlfriend’s house to help her do their dishes. Likewise, he had to wash her clothes and prepare a meal because it was a weekend.But he did not care about all this, he loved her so much, and he could give in anything just to make her comfortable in his life. Besides, she is the only one who has ever accepted him into her life.Right from the day that he was born, he has been ridiculed and despised by everyone around him, and they often saw him as someone who was running crazy because of the torn clothes that he always wore.Lucas Randell drew a really deep breath. He continued riding on his bicycle as fast as he could.An air of relief escaped from his mouth when he saw the company that he worked for as a daily delivery
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Chapter 2
He got on his bicycle and headed over to Ella's Suite.They did not live in the same place. He was a student, and could not afford enough money to get a house for himself, so he had to beg one of his course mates to let him squat in his dormitory for a while.And fortunately for him, he accepted, but he had to do some odd jobs for them. He didn't care though …as long as he was going to have a place to hide his head for a while.Halfway through his journey, he stopped. He had to call Ella first before he stepped into her suite, and from the last time that he checked, she was not a fan of the announced visit.He brought out his little Nokia phone from his pocket and quickly pushed her number into it.For some reason that he could not tell, his heart was beating fast as though it were going to burst through.He waited for a while, but she wasn't picking up the calls. He tried again, and she still wasn't picking up.“What could be wrong?” He thought in his head, perplexed.He did not kno
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Chapter 3
He stared at the bracelet in his hands as he rode over to the giant hotel as fast as he could.His heart was beating fast, and he was trying as hard as he could to believe that whatever it was that he just heard about Ella, was certainly not true.But when he got to the hotel, he saw her car there and his heart skipped countless beats that he was already gasping for breath.He froze on the spot for a while, and he could not even limp as his brain was still trying hard to process what was going on.“It can't be true that she is cheating with someone else. It has to be that this is a mistake and nothing more.” He thought silently.He was confused now as he did not want to go in there and meet with the sad truth that was going to be more like a shocker to him… draining all the life that he had left in him.But he decided otherwise. If she was cheating on him, it would be better for him to catch her red-handed rather than just assume that she is cheating on him in his head.He proceeded i
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Chapter 4
Ella walked away from him and walked towards Thompson, who hugged her tightly.Lucas stared at the vacuum that she had created right before him. He could feel his heart beating so hard that the sound of it was rising to his hearing.But he could not let it end just like that. He was tired of being such a coward, constantly trying to back out of a fight because he was poor. He thought that going into a fight was only going to get him into trouble.Likewise, he could feel the Adrenaline gushing into his blood streams so hard and bad that he could hardly breathe.He clutched his hands and his feet made a rumbling sound as he stamped them on the floor while walking towards Ella and Thompson. They stared at him for a while, perplexed about what it was that he was about to do.“Get your hands off, my lady.” He growled at Thompson, pushing him away from Ella just as she shot him a really weird stare.“And what is it that you think you are trying to do?” She asked, with so much hate and disgu
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Chapter 5
Lucas opened his eyes slowly, and it was more like a sun blister all over his body. A slight groan escaped from his mouth as he clutched his hands to the covering of the soft tissue that seemed to be beneath him.He looked up and noticed a beautiful ceiling above him, and he was confused for a while.He didn't know where he was or even how he got there for a start, but he was here.Likewise, he had to find out where he was as soon as he could, and that might even give him a clue on how he was going to leave that hell of a place. Lucas stared around for a while, with his eyes darting to across the room and focusing on the glittering tiles.Then it struck him, he was in a massive hospital. It had been a long time since he visited a hospital because he didn't have the money to visit one. Talk less of a really large hospital. But there was a considerable question that was lagging at the back of his mind; who brought him to such a large hole of a hospital?He tried hard as he could to rem
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Chapter 6
Lucas stared at them for a while, still lost in shock. He attempted to come down from the bed and this time, his only option was to run away because this was beginning to turn into a nightmare gradually."Sir, I am sorry but I think that there is a mistake somewhere because this can not be true. Just look at me. I am a nobody and how can I possibly be your grandson? I wish it was true but there is no essence of deceiving myself." Lucas shot the words swiftly out from his mouth, but Lord Randolph's lips only broke into a smile."I know that this would be hard for you to take in all at once so I am going to be patient with you." He mumbled."Just calm down and you are going to realize what I am trying to put across to you." He assured Lucas and he sat back waiting for the explanation that was going to justify this calm."So your father, my son, was the heir of the company. The only heir but that was before his death." He began and his voice broke.It seemed as though this son or Lucas'
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Chapter 7
"Aren't you going to go into your new Mansion?" His grandfather inquired, with a smile hanging on his face and Lucas smiled back.But in between his smile, there were tears in his eyes. But this time, it was not those sorrowful tears, they were tears of joy. His days of penury was over and he was more like a god heir now. And to crown it all, all these things happened in a blink.Lucas nodded his head as he started walking into that mansion while he continued to stare around for a while.For the first time, he noticed that he was so lost staring at the building that he did not even notice the beautiful environment.The flowers complimented the building, tiled floors, and statues carved from a tree. Fountains littered all around. At some point, it felt as though his heart was going to skip a lot of beats.Lucas spent the night in his Mansion but the next morning, he had to return to school.But now, he noticed that he would have a really tough decision to make. Either to return to hi
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Chapter 9
Lucas looked up at the list of things that he had to do for the day. First, he had to visit his grandfather's legendary company so that he would be shown around. And get to know it.He could not wait for the thrilling experience. He had always heard about the Belcraft company from people who had gotten the opportunity to go in.And opportunity, it was a whole more like a thousand chains of connection before you could get yourself in there.And as a poor guy that he was or used to be, the only thing that he had gotten to see was just the glimpse of the exteriorBut today, he was not just going to walk in it but as a heirHe got his bath and got into his torn clothes. It was the only thing that his hands could get to since he was yet to buy anything for himself with the money that his grandfather gave to him.And to make things even better for him, his bicycle was returned to him the previous day at his request.He got ready and he walked over to his bicycle, got into it and he began to
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Chapter 10
Lucas had a small smirk on his face as he folded his hands to his chest and watched the little drama that was currently unfolding. Never in his life did he think that he would be in a position where someone would have his back, and even, fire someone because of him.“Young master, are you okay?” Blake asked, but Lucas held him on his wrist and pulled him to a corner. “Mr. Blake! You can’t let anyone know of my identity! If you keep on calling me young master, people will start to suspect”, Lucas declared defiantly, with Blake lowering his head in respect.“I’m sorry, young master”, Blake said in a voice that sounded like a whisper, while Lucas took in a deep breath and looked up. He had to get used to the fact that he was now the heir to the Belcraft group. It was hard to do that, but he couldn’t wait to witness other things that are yet to unfold.“So, this is the company?” He asked as he looked at the big buildings that were scattered at different corners. At the top of the buil
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Chapter 11
Mr. Blake called Lucas about fifteen minutes later. He had gone to do some research immediately Lucas asked him to.“Have you found out?” Lucas asked, with a deadly smile curved around his lips.“Yes sir… I’m coming to meet you right away”, Mr. Blake said, after which he dropped the call. Lucas looked around for another time before he started making his way out of the building. He loved being around it, but he wasn’t ready to tell the world that he was the heir.He met Mr. Blake on the first floor, just as he was about to make his way into the elevator. “I was coming to meet you, young master”, Mr. Blake said, with a small smile on his face. Lucas nodded his head calmly as he walked over to a chair at a corner not far from where they stood. “About Ella’s parents…”, Mr. Blake started, with Lucas staring at him attentively. “Their company is at the verge of running bankrupt. From what I gathered, they’ve been visiting the Belcraft group to gain favor and ask for help”, Mr. Blake ex
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