The Invicible Damien Malone

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The Invicible Damien Malone

By: Author Bellion OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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"Chairman, behold your inheritance. The Nexus Empire and $960 billion, all at your command. The world awaits your next move." *Betrayed by his girlfriend, abandoned by those he cherished and called poor by almost everybody he met, Damien Malone's world crumbled. It was then that he learned of his deceased long lost father and the huge business empire bestowed upon him to govern. With trillions in his account and unlimited resources within his grasp, he vowed to command respect. His enemies would tremble in fear, and those that once called him poor would humbly beg for forgiveness at his feet.

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"Sir, we can handle this. I assure you, he won't be able to disrupt our operations," a young man confidently declared, positioned directly in front of Frederick Blackwood, the notorious and ruthless mayor infamous in the underground world for his involvement in countless illicit schemes. Blackwood, now plotting his grandest venture yet, sought not only one distraction—the arrival of the vigilante known as The Shadow. The Shadow was a figure of fear to his enemies, but to those he aided, he was hailed as The Vigilante, a champion who plundered the corrupt and bestowed their ill-gotten wealth upon the deserving.Lost in thought, Blackwood gently caressed his chin while approaching the young man in front of him, he swiveled right beside him and headed towards a towering door that opened into an expansive conference room with walls adorned with glass transparent windows offering a breathtaking view of New York City at night. Inside, his trusted accomplices were already seated around a gran
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Fragile Bonds, Shattered Trust
*Few months before Damein's rise to power*Damien Malone sat uncomfortably, his breath muffled as he stared at the bill in his hands. His composure was barely contained as he stole a glance at Isabella, his fiancée, who sat beside him at the round table in the restaurant. It had only been a few minutes since he proposed to her with a beautiful ring, and now the reality of his financial situation weighed heavily on him.Across from Damien and Isabella sat Robert, accompanied by his own girlfriend. Robert couldn't help but notice the expression on Damien's face and instantly understood what had gone wrong. A triumphant smile played on Robert's lips, fueled by a deep-seated resentment towards Damien. Despite being brilliant in his own right, Robert believed that Damien had always managed to take everything away from him, including Isabella, whom Robert had long desired.Both Damien and Robert had attended the same highschool and college, where Isabella had been the center of attention. Ro
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Whispers of Power
After mustering every ounce of strength he had left, Damien Malone pressed on, navigating through the facility's underground passageways. The cylindrical structure of the hallway hinted at its subterranean location. Illuminated by bright lights, he was accompanied by Sebastian, whose weary face showed years of wisdom, and who used a crutch to support himself. Sebastian, also known as The Oracle, walked steadfastly by Damien's side, his eyes locked onto their destination, a door at the end of the hallway, signaling their imminent exit.As they approached the door, Damien couldn't help but notice the seven bodyguards stationed outside. They were armed to the teeth, clad in matching black camo suits with sunglasses integrated into their faces and soldier helmets adorning their heads. Their expressions were as stoic as statues, hinting at the power within The Nexus.The iron doors swung open automatically, granting them passage with a low, ominous hum. Stepping outside, they were greeted b
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The Depths of Betrayal
The morning sun's rays pierced through the curtains, gently caressing Damien's face as he awakened to a new day. His fair complexion, light and v-shaped face, was illuminated by the soft light, highlighting the faint lines of worry etched around his eyes. However, the events of the previous day still lingered in his mind, weighing heavily on his thoughts. The weight of his dead father that he never get to meet, the inheritance and the immense power that came with it burdened him deeply, leaving him with a sense of unease that he couldn't shake.As he sat up in bed, trying to gather his thoughts, he heard a soft knock on his bedroom door, originating from the living room. The sound echoed in his spacious penthouse, reminding him of the solitude that had become his constant companion over the years."Chairman Malone, a lady by the name of Isabella seeks your attention," one of his bodyguards, Kai, announced in a deep, commanding voice, his unwavering loyalty evident in every word.Damien
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The Rise of Damien Malone
As Damien Malone's helicopter gradually descended toward the desolate desert, the breathtaking sight of the Nexus facility unfolded before his eyes. The landscape had undergone a stunning transformation, morphing into an awe-inspiring military stronghold. Every inch of the terrain was now adorned with markings of power and fortification. The blistering sun cast its scorching rays upon the scene, illuminating the intricate details of the facility's imposing structure.In the distance, an impressive squadron of sleek fighter jets was meticulously lined up on the tarmac, their polished frames reflecting the sunlight with a captivating gleam. These formidable aerial machines stood as a testament to the technological prowess and military might harbored within the walls of Nexus. Their presence alone hinted at the immense power and control wielded by those within the facility.Alongside the fighter jets, armored tanks and war mortars stood resolute, forming an unyielding barrier encircling t
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Awakening in Shadows
Dressed in a sleek white trouser, Damien Malone stood poised at the entrance of the metallic chamber, his heart pounding with a mix of anticipation and nervous energy. The room crackled with electric excitement as a team of scientists meticulously prepared for the final stage of the experiment. Standing by Damien's side was The Oracle, his eyes filled with both curiosity and reassurance."Are you ready, Damien?" The Oracle asked, his voice a blend of wisdom and excitement.Damien nodded, his voice steady but filled with awe. "I've come this far, Oracle. I'm ready to embrace whatever lies ahead."With utmost care, a scientist poured a vial of shimmering plutonium into the machine's core, the liquid swirling with a mesmerizing luminescence. Damien's eyes remained fixed on the imminent transformation as he stepped into the metallic chamber, its doors closing and leaving only his face visible for monitoring purposes— a safety measure to ensure the success of the process and Damien's well-b
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The Ambition's Gambit
"I won't let Damien become richer than me. I will never surrender to him," Robert thought as he stepped out of his sleek, midnight blue Tesla Model S, its polished chrome accents gleaming under the morning sun. He handed the car keys to the valet, who wore a sharp, well-tailored uniform and greeted Robert with a nod and a warm smile.Dressed in an elegant brown pinstripe suit, the fine fabric exuded the unmistakable scent of success, perfectly complemented by his handcrafted Italian leather shoes. He adjusted his tie, making sure it was impeccable, and quickened his pace toward the towering high-rise building.As he crossed the bustling ground floor, filled with visitors and employees, he couldn't help but overhear snippets of conversations about the remarkable success of his company and his iconic five-star hotel. The admiration in their voices was a testament to his accomplishments, but it only fueled his ambition to achieve more.Robert's determination to surpass Damien's wealth had
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Buying the Verrazzano Bridge
Chairman Damien Malone sat in the back of his sleek black Jeep, feeling a mixture of excitement and frustration. It was his first day in office as the new chairman, and he knew that a multitude of people were eagerly waiting for his arrival. However, an unexpected obstacle had thrown a wrench in his plans.Kai, his trusted companion and security detail, stood outside the vehicle holding onto his automated rifle. He glanced at Damien through the tinted mirror and sighed before speaking up. "Chairman, I'm sorry to say that we are going nowhere for now. The bridge ahead has been closed off for some unknown reason."Damien's brows furrowed in concern. "Closed off? But we were assured that all necessary arrangements were made for my smooth transition into office. This delay is highly inconvenient."Kai nodded sympathetically. "I understand your frustration, sir, but it seems like something unexpected has occurred. The authorities haven't provided any details yet."Damien sighed heavily, rea
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Isabella Gerald
"Chairman, it's an absolute honor to have you here today. I must say, we were all thrilled when we heard that you acquired the Verrazzano Bridge on your way here," The Oracle exclaimed, a mischievous twinkle in his eyes. "Of course, we were slightly concerned that you might close down the bridge to us low-class folks. But I trust you won't do that, right?"Damien Malone, chuckled heartily as he stepped out of his sleek black Jeep. He glanced at the Oracle, a sly smile playing on his lips. "Come on now, enough with the whining. You know I'm not that heartless," he replied with a playful tone. As he strode forward to stand before the Oracle, he couldn't help but admire the grandeur of the company building."Tell me, what about the personal assistant I requested?" Damien inquired eagerly, his eyes scanning the vicinity. "I was expecting a grand reception, more than just your usual guards," he added, nodding towards the ten armed guards stationed near the main entrance.The Oracle nodded,
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To The Rescue
Damien was taken aback, his expression a clear reflection of his surprise. Glancing at Isabella, he saw a mischievous grin spread across her face. It dawned on Damien that Isabella's only motive for taking the job was to reconnect with him."Isabella, why did you take this job?" Damien's eyebrows shot up, the surprise evident in his tone.Isabella's mischievous grin widened. "Oh, just missed the thrill of working with you," she teased. "Uhn wait, did you know each other?" The Oracle asked, confused."Yes, and believe me this is not a coincidence!" Damien said, contemplating refusing her right then, but a different idea brewed. He wanted retribution for the pain she caused him.Just as a smile began to form on Damien's face, a deafening explosion rocked the room from behind. In a swift, calculated move, Kai positioned himself between Damien and the blast, absorbing the brunt of the explosion that could have struck them all—Damien, Isabella, and the Oracle. The force of the explosion s
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