My Undead System

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My Undead System

By: Naughty Snail Ongoing

Language: English

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Jin returned from another world. The dead rise and eat the living. Without a way out, he accepts his fate and lets the undead eat him. “Was that… Me? Or rather, my body? W-What happened to me…!” [Do you want to activate the Undead System?!] A/N Many thanks to Sera Execfia for the gorgeous Cover art.


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49 chapters
Ch. 01 - Returning Home
“Hey! I defeated the Demon Lord...”His voice echoed throughout the cave just as he was coming out with a triumphant look on his face. He rested the long sword on his shoulder as blood dripped on the ground from its tip. His eyes had sparks in them, brimming with life and a sense of accomplishment.People with shields and swords surrounded the cave. A woman with blonde hair and blue eyes walked to the front with a bright smile. Her voice came out soft, which tickled the ears of those who heard her. “Congratulations...”“Yeah, enough of that. Send me home already. That was the deal!”A burly man walked in front of the woman and raised his sword. “Imbecile. You are always so damn rude. How dare you talk to the princess like that...
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Ch. 02 - Jin the Undead
Flashes of torn flesh and dripping blood popped into Jin’s head. He felt as if he had slumbered or floated through the air. He opened his eyes and realized his body wandered around on its own. “What happened…?”Memories of his teammates locking the door and leaving him outside to fend for himself left a foul taste in his mouth. He replayed it over and over in his mind, and most of the time, he tried to reason with what they did and why they did it, but he still felt bitter in his heart. “Those assholes…!”Just as he gritted his teeth in anger, a growl echoed in his ears. It startled him. He tried to look around, but his head wouldn’t turn. W
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Ch. 03 - Brainstorm
Jin stared at the unfamiliar transparent window in front of him for several minutes without moving. Other undead passed him by and every time he would get startled. They didn’t attack him, since he was one of them, but the fact he was among them still tensed his nerves. He pondered over the screen and gazed at the incoming undead. “Upgrade, huh…? Eating brains though…” At the thought of having to go through with it, Jin hurled. Of course, only growls came out of its mouth, but in his consciousness, he already vomited. He sighed internally on multiple occasions, as he tried to wrap his head around the idea. “I-I have nothing to lose, right?”Read more
Ch. 04 - Still Human
He knocked on the door gently. His voice came out calm and collected. “Hey, are you ok in there? You can come out now. It’s safe.”The door creaked ajar. Enough for her to peep through and check the situation. The first thing she saw were three undead on the wooden floor, with their heads bashed open, resting in pools of blood. She gasped at the sight and took a step back.After making sure they wouldn’t move, she pushed the door a little more and saw a young man holding a rock, smiling the whole time. The girl shyly walked out. She surveyed the room while fidgeting with her fingers. She looked at Jin and nervously uttered. “I-Is it really safe?”Before him appeared a girl, no older than fourteen years old. She had frilly brown hair and honest eyes that matched the color. Playfull
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Ch. 05 - Night Terrors
Jin munched off the brain cores from the three undead in a rush, as he wanted to go back home where Lily was. Usually, he would take his time as he waited for the effect, but not now. On his way back, he felt something was off. A slight disturbance in his stomach gave him immense pain. At first it was weird since he has felt nothing in a while, but this time, since the upgrade of touch, he felt at first his skin burning up. He entered the house, shut the door, and dropped to his knees. Moments later, Jin crawled into a fetal position and stayed there for a while as he writhed in pain. He wanted to rip his belly out when he felt something moving inside him. A growl echoed within him. He looked at his belly, which inflated, as if something was pushing to get out. He gritted his teeth so hard that veins popped on hi
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Ch. 06 - A Way In!
Jin grabbed Lily and together they took a few fast steps forward and created a distance between them and the undead that approached them. When they turned around, the sight jolted them back to reality. For a minute there, they forgot that the world they once knew ended abruptly. Bloodshot eyes covered with a gray to black membrane and web-like dark veins on the neck. Though it dawdled towards them, it growled the whole time. It extended its hand as it tried to grab them. Lily noticed something else that horrified her. It was missing a hand, which didn’t seem to bother it that much as it paid no attention to it at all. It just kept on advancing in Jin’s direction. Jin stood in front of Lily and pushed it back several times with his bat, but to no avail. It wouldn’t stop, no matter how many times he tried. At some
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Ch. 07 - Reunion
They remained in that position for several minutes until drizzles sprinkled their napes. They lifted their heads and saw a cloudy ensemble on top of them. A forceful wind picked up and carried the stench of death into their nostrils. For Jin didn’t matter, he only felt the wind on his skin. Lily, though, couldn’t handle the smell and vomited. Dizziness took over her mind. She had difficulty getting up, as she kept losing her balance. By placing both hands on her knees, she forced her way up, and together with Jin, they pushed the dumpster neatly on the wall. They put the lid down and climbed on top. Jin gave Lily a boost so she could grab and pull herself in. Seconds later, Jin followed. A little jump was required of him to grab onto the window’s ledge. Slowly and steadily, he pulled himself up and onto the hospital’s second floor. Read more
Ch. 08 - A Mother's Tears
Lady Coral was a woman of integrity. Long pitch-black hair and the bluest eyes. Her beauty could topple cities if she wished. Her relatively small stature didn’t pose a threat. They even underestimated her. Many desired her slim body with curves at the right places and slender waist, but none ever tried anything. She never cared for anything or anyone else other than her husband and her son. They could only envy from afar. Beloved by her family and friends, she lived her life with her husband and son in a small town called Colby. Even though she declined her family’s fortune, they still listened and respected her. When her father died, she didn’t fight for her inheritance. She had no desire for that wealth. She only cared about her family’s wellbeing. Even when they approached her to side with either of her brothers, she refused. Read more
Ch. 09 - Encounter
Everyone, including Jin, looked at Coral, surprised. They didn’t think she had it in her. Her son approached her and gently placed her slender palm in his hands. “Does it hurt?” The angry man looked down and whispered. “My face hurts!” Audible to the rest, he received a few scornful looks. Coral clenched her hand visibly, which made him step back. Jorge tried to diffuse the situation. Mostly an easygoing man. Tall with a strong build. His stern looks and fast decision-making skills in a case of need earned him the place of leadership. He didn’t ask to be in charge, but didn’t refuse either. “Easy now, both of you. There are people outside. We don’t know their intentions. There’s no need to fight among ourselves.” He looked at them both with eyes that shot daggers. “N
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Ch. 10 - First Shift
Jin smiled and raised his hand to stop her from talking further. He stepped to the side and showed them the door behind him. “Come in!” He then looked at Jorge to confirm, and he received a nod of approval. Together, they went back inside the hospital as dusk was upon them. The last one to walk back was Jin. He rested the bat on his shoulder, and at a steady pace, joined them. Once they were in, they shut the doors behind them. The girl with the emerald eyes thanked them and stood in front of Jin. He looked at her, confused. “Did you forget something?” She shook her head as she fidgeted with her fingers. “As the warden’s daughter, I want to be the one to inform the father whose son we left behind…” Jorge heard the girl and approached them. “I should be present…”Read more