Ardiansyah: The Academy

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Ardiansyah: The Academy

By: Polar Muttaqin Ongoing

Language: English

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The world you all know has long since fallen apart, your friends and family are now either vacationing in Heaven or rotting in Hell. But for the chosen ones, the Creator has awakened a new World for them based on magic and science. A world occupied by three nations, with different homes and bodies. Intelligent scientists in the sky, creative craftsmen on land, and artists bathed in beauty below the ocean. 18 years have passed since the birth of the first generation of the Island of Kaput. At the age of 5, everyone was to be sent to the Main Island for our study since there was no school here when we were a kid. But now, the God of Death made us a college to prepare ourselves for the unending danger brought by the people from the unknown world filled with nothing but the Void. This is the story of me and my classmates trying our best to be graduated as members of the Guild, an official organization handling the matter of monsters and dangers from the Void.


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9 chapters
A New Life
It's been 13 years since the first time my father sent me to the Main Island for my military training at the age of 5. Not a single things are to be complained about though, I love every single moment I spent at the wonderful Land of Autumn. What's done is done and now… it is time to finally move on. I'm back to my birth land, at the main human city on the beautiful Island of Kaput to continue my study as a soldier. Or maybe a scholar? Ahahaha… in this life, nothing will ever be certain. "Sahasya… My Prince wake up!" I heard a faint and soft voice calling upon my name. As I opened my eyes, I saw a pair of amber staring down at me, covered by the dim darkness of this room. "Ah good morning dear butterfly, your face looks as mesmerizing as always." It was my spouse, Anna. Her gleaming big eyes shone like the shade of candles, drown in this dark bedroom of ours, glamoured by her silky crimson hair. Which kind of… tickle me with their tips
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Auditorium Hall
It's the first day of the first month of the year. The weather is bloody freezing. Snow fells, coating every single thing you could possibly see, turning them into pure white. Exactly what you expect from winter. For the Fire Folks like us, however, things like this, are mere visual changes, since our body can easily adapt to any temperature of any situation, whether it is hot or cold. Following the direction, that the guard showed us, we finally arrived at a huge building, shaped like a giant loaf of bread— *sigh* I seriously need to eat those breakfasts Mother Adeline prepared. "Au-di-to-rium… I think we arrived at the correct place, My Prince." Said Anna as she tries to spell what was written above the front doors with a straight face. "Well, what are we waiting for?" Through those said doors, both of us then hop in. The first one to greet our eyes was the ginormous stage built at the front of the room we walked in. "It's ve
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Goddess of Living Object
"So let's start and end this Opening Ceremony, shall we?" Her Holiness Austra Keshan started by lifting Her pile of papers up to the level of Her chin. "Out of thousands of applicants, we selected 224 youth as the best and most suitable Archstudent for this newly born academy, a love child of the God of Death." She said loudly, with a proud look on her face. "And for this, I say 'Congratulations!' to all of you who've made it this far, you all have the privilege to be proud, yet don't get too far or your big head will explode!" Along the childish voice came, and She raised Her hands to the sky. Kind and friendly, she felt so motherly. Yet Her face somehow looked a lot younger than any of us here. "A round of applause for you lot…" Together with Her lead, we clap our hands proudly, filled with joy and a sense of relief. Not for us who came from the mainline though, getting here is more about competing to achieve the highest scor
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Artsy Classroom
At the edge of the eastern part of the Academy, lies our classroom, the Class 1 Building. It's 2 stories tall with a variety of facilities included in its many rooms. On the very front we have the classroom, or should I say, Lecture Hall. Near it, there's an Arsenal for our group, and behind it is a Gymnasium along with a Swimming Pool. On the second floor, we have a Dorm, which its purpose is to be an emergency sleeping room in case we need to spend overnight at the Academy. Beside it, there's a Recreation Room. We can decore it however we wanted and put a bunch of games like poker table or pinball and stuff. Last but not least, is the Library, a mini one though. The Academy has its own gigantic library, with thousands if not millions of books comfortably living there. Not just that though, the best part about this library is it also contains many books written by the God of Death, you'll see why it's such a blessing when you know Him more. From what
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Meet the Team pt. 1
The now burned lady over here, unfortunately, made too much noise. She screamed at the top of her lungs, pulling the attention of the entire class. Realizing those stares I quickly remove the scarf off her, along with the fire burning her upper body and face. But even after that, the expression that comes out of her was… unholy. Her eyes rolled high, and her mouth grins cheekily with a set of laughter as if she enjoyed every second of it. Every classmate of mine let out a different set of reactions, but me? I'm shocked beyond belief. I know I didn't set her ablaze that badly, but there's not a single crisp to be found nor a burn mark. The only trace left was just her skin turned reddish, even her hair looks brand-new. "Forsaken cinder…" What's happening!? She's a Sky Scientist for Sun's sake! The weakest race there is in this New World. Even if she came from the mainline, the trail should have been more obvious! *!!!* Suddenly
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Meet the Team pt. 2
"Is that supposed to be written in km/h Your Highness?" Asked the lady whom I've burned before. "Kilometer per hour? Wait, after looking at mine too your statement seems to make a lot of sense." Hada looks enlightened as he agreed with what she just said. "So Brother Highness, care to explain why your [Max Speed] is up to more than six thousand?" He added, with a curious yet demanding expression on his face. "I'm a Santi Waraney, what can I say? Our skills are based on how to strike our opponent with the velocity of a speeding bullet." I replied. Though kind of surprise Hada had to ask me that question. "Still… isn't that a bit too fast even for Genka's standard?" This cyan guy continued with his interrogation. "30 minutes Hada, we can talk about this after class or even at home! Now on with the introduction!" Hearing myself snap a bit, Anna returned to her chair, and Falisha stood in her place to be the center of attention of the whol
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Meet the Team pt. 3
"Thank you for your introduction Revian, now for our local dragon, would you also be so kind and do the same?" I asked the other dragonkin who lay beside him. "As you wish, Your Highness." She answers with a feminine deep voice, not as heavy as Revian's but enough to make the floor tremble. The male dragon then back to lowering his head while the female one raises it, doing the same thing as before, putting both of her hands holding her chin. "Like Sir Revian before me, my father bestows me with a name, they called me Althea Draconus, an Earth tribe healer under the title of Ksatria Moloch, to be serving the prince alongside our chief's eldest son, nothing more could I asked for." The girl had the same characteristics as Revian, seeing they came from the same clan. Although she looked rather cute than mighty since Sarma's blood flowed inside of her body. Even though Sarma is known as a universal breeder, somehow their child who were bo
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Meet the Team pt. 4
To enter the Academy, let's say it's not an easy task. First of all, documents, you need to submit all kinds of documents. Tribes on the mainland usually don't record their military personnel's progression or give certificates for their graduation. This changed due to a request from the Goddess of Living Object, to allow their citizens more viable internationally (or intertribally). We, as a new island Shaper, alongside the fifth generation of Selebes, are the first to experience these changes. Back to the documents, two of the most important things to submit are a recommendation letter and a Manshira diploma. Manshira is a title given to those who already achieved the 7th level of elemental progression. Which is also the highest you can get as someone who is not a Family Head or his first wife (up to 8th), part of the main family (up to 8th), or even Tribal Chief (8th to 9th). After the Academy has approved all the documents you submitted and reviewe
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College is Also About Fun
As our supervisor, Mrs. Senaria is responsible for all our initial administrative and academic interests. While for the next level, of course, there are other managements who handle it. Pieces of information she gave in our current class are mostly about academic courses. How and what to pick, the requirements, and the effect it'll give on our progression here in the Academy as well as our graduation later on. She also said that the courses list wasn't complete yet, we'll have the full list and the [CSS] (course selection sheet) later at noon. First of all, there are credits that you need to acquire from each course, but the God of Dead tends to use the word EXP more, which is an acronym for Experience. 1 Experience is gained by participating in 50 minutes lectures for 13 to 16 sessions each semester. Each lecture gives a different value of EXP but in total, we need to acquire about 144 EXP to graduate or about 21 to rank up. Yes, there are ra
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