A Day of Classroom Murder

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A Day of Classroom Murder

By: Author Latte Ongoing

Language: English

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A Nerd, Unpopular and Cowardly, if they consider Hayes in their University. But in a flash, he was suddenly recognized and noticed by everyone because of his intelligence and his skill in solving criminal case. Ever since there was a murder case at their school, the course of his life suddenly changed. He got attention and compliments from his classmates. He would'nt have thought that his fame would be the result of a mystery crime. If that was the only way to stay in the life he has now, would he still choose to solve the case? Or will he just let the serial killer consume them little by little in exchange for his popularity?


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A Murder in our School: Hayes Pov
“Ma'am, these are all our donations for the school program that will be held on Wednesday.” I said once I laid it on Mrs. Corpus's table the money I earned from our section, while she was busy talking on the phone, so I just left the faculty room immediately.I was on my way back to our classroom when suddenly I heard a loud scream, so I was stunned and stop. From the women's restroom, the loud shout I heard. I looked around for a moment, but there was no one else in the hallway except me. So, I slowly approached towards the restroom. I don’t know what I’m going to do if I’m going to go inside to make sure what’s going on inside? Or should I call the teacher to let them know the shout I heard from there?But I was restless, and I was curious if she was okay inside, but I couldn't step on my feet because I had never experienced entering a women's restroom. Moreover, I was worried that someone might see me and think badly of me.Fearing that my image as the student president of our scho
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A roses and cake
I looked around all around me and speculated that I might notice something strange that would give me a clue about the killer. But as I looked at the faces of each student there one by one, the paramedics returned again inside the restroom carrying a stretcher. We all wondered why they were in such a hurry to go inside, but just moments later they pulled out the corpse of another student.I was shocked and couldn’t believe that not only was Jenny killed in that restroom, but there was another student. She was identified by the name Diana, who came from the first section. I can't quite understand why she was even found dead there? What really happened to them inside that restroom? And what was the purpose of the killer to them, and why were they killed?“Couldn't they have killed each other?” said the female student in front of me as she talked to her friend.“What do you mean? Will Jenny and Diana know each other?” Her friend asked her and she nodded her head.“Don't you know? They're
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