Rune Bearer

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Rune Bearer

By: Snowpinch Ongoing

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Famine had taken a toll on the humans; this had set everyone to find what to sleep on for survival, Elrond a young orphan went on a hunt into the heart of the woods from the Charevibe where they stayed in search of a deer for venison, he heard whispers of strange folks that lured him into something he believed his eyes were tricking him.  This transgression into a foreboding land had wrecked the looming darkness upon them and now the trolloc invades in search of the faeries white wolf that protected the light and magick of the Elderwood. A black hood and a masked man bear at their door as the great sweeps of the north continue. Elrond is saved by a fate so cruel or eerie that awaits him as he either perishes or takes the hand of the pointed-ear stranger, who is also an enemy of their kind and a protector of the last Elderwood– the high elves.


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#1. A strange white wolf in the thicket
In the mine of Cirdanoth stood human men and women with hunched shoulders, and swollen knuckles, many who have since stopped trying to scrub the coal dust out of their broken nails, the lines of their sunken faces."You may take our land but not our soul." The man said, pressing his arm around the axe in his hand. "To us, a King is promised." The man screamed and the soldiers stared at him with morbid curiosity."A king is promised!" A roar escaped the crowd of people."And he will come ripping your head apart, you leeching masked." he enunciated the last word with spite. "Mongers!" The man muttered slowly to the soldier before him."To him, the songs of the Sky and Storm shall be sung and he will unite all of us. Until then we shall protect our land. To the north!" The roaring continued; it smelled of courage and life, the smell of hope."We will make our new home upon the bone of our. . ." A blade slashed through the air, the man gagged gasping for air as it. On the release, his eye
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#2. The human body is no vessel for darkness
The snow swirled around them. Elrond stared at him until that coat of charcoal and obsidian and ivory ceased rising and falling. Wolf, just a wolf, despite his size and whatever he felt moving in his body, was just from the spasm of holding the arrow."Elrond that wolf was unusual, I'm shivering from this, it's white, a bad omen." Elton rolled his eyes."Did you see that? I mean the snow swirled and. . ." Eton's eyes widened."Forget it." He shrugged it, it was just his imagination and that is all."What?" He asked."It's nothing." He hid his hand in his sleeves. "At least don't stand there hovering, come here. Hold this side while I skin the wolf." Eton aided as Elrond skinned the wolf and cleaned his knife to his best.If anything it warmed his hand. He wrapped his hand around the doe's skin before helping little Eton with the wolf's skin, perfectly wrapped to avoid dripping blood.Grunting against the weight, he grasped the legs of the deer and spared a final glance at the steaming
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#3. Fall of the false North
"Trollocs!" A boy screamed outside and the scream went dead, he was sure to be dead as he grunted and choked as the talon struck through his heart."The village is under attack! Seal the gate!" The sheriff shouts, monsters were already raiding the village. A loud wail was heard and the voice slowly died into a singing silence.Elrond looked back, his back was damp with sweat and he didn't know when the wooden hilt of his hunting knife had gotten to his hand, the first few moments were a blur of snarling from the enormous beast with about ten feet tall his face bearing horns tusk bestial muzzles, the shrieking of his siblings and the cascading cold that accompanied the monster and his fathers shock stricken gaze. They were scared to their bones.Trolloc, they couldn't believe their sight. He ignored Elrond as he stuck out his knife to defend his family. This was what he thought best to do. But his father, like the coward he is, went into hiding too.There was no doubt in the damage his
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#4. The collision into a whole new page
"Elrond!" The druid called out to him pulling him out of his trance. He wasn't sure but it was better to die in the hand of the man that stood before him like a human with his words that we're unbelievable than these creatures. His heart thudded against his chest, knots upon knots, the terror was too incessant that if he had gone hungry for months he won't realize the need for hunting anymore quickly he grabbed the man by his wrist.The light glowed so brightly that the pile of trollocs coming in disintegrated to ashes at the thud of his sceptre. Close to his side and shaking was Elrond, just a boy that wanted to save his family from hunger and had now seen things only told as tales. His town turned over to a fire burning down the coven. People running for their lives, weeping at the death of loved ones.The winter moans through the street rattling the leaves outside and nothing but the village was left in total ashes, flames burn amidst the snowfall, the scream of the living fades q
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#5. True beauty lies in Cirdanoth
Just as the tale told by their grand sire the father after and his, Cirdanoth was never a disappointment. Nothing could be compared to it. Its buildings were veiled in roses and ivy with patios and balconies sprouting from its alabaster side, so much colour so much sunlight and movement and texture. Elrond could hardly drink in fast to put it into art would be useless, it couldn't express such beauty enough.Magic it was, winter had turned to spring in Cirdanoth, if only Eton was here to see how the tall slender ladies walked by he would call it heaven. He missed him and his crazy desires. Yet he couldn't do anything.Even the garden through which they walked, following a gravel path to the main doors of the house, seemed calm and sleeping.Above the array of irises and pale snowdrops and butter-yellow daffodils swaying in the balmy breeze, the faint stench of metal ticked his human nostrils.Sweat trickled down his spine as his layers of clothes turned suffocating. Elrond rotated his
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#6. The princess is as fair as the sun
Elrond's throat was parched and his stomach was rumbling, so Aurora slowly peeled herself off the edge of the door. Slowly, not because of those vigilant guards, but rather because her head was well and truly spinning. She didn’t trust herself to care enough to prevent a tumble.It ward away as she drew closer. "Human in the walls of high elves." She glared at the thin scar stretching her hand and she shimmed to the door, neglecting the hesitancy of the guard. The world slipped when she entered."He is runed." Who could that be? The council were in a far too steady motion to give notice of her entry."Father you sent for me." Aurora managed to cut through the thin air."Not anymore." Veturius's gaze hovered over his daughter's body down to her gown that had mud stains on its edge. "Continue to your room. And have that cleaned." She tilted her chin and studied the aura that was deep in the air. "Alright, father.''"Allanon," Veturius called. "Your human companion shall stay within th
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#7. Quest for a legion
Elrond walked through the tunnel that connects the princess room to the outside wall of the palace. "Your kind had conspired with the dark lord and sold us off after we trusted them to help." Elrond's eyes lit up his hand trailing along the brick of the wall feeling its roughness. His jaw tightened, and his hand reached for his knife but couldn't feel it. "Guess that Is a whole lot of work, so this is about betrayal" "Betrayal that doesn't give a warning before it strikes. Your kind is too self-centred. And that is affecting the magic, making it act that way." The lesser you know the better, the princess Aurora rubbed a hand through her hair, the colour elected from the street and dragged their hoodies on. They walked and arrived at the small pub, the least beautiful place in the whole of Cirdanoth. Human men that had dirt in their fingers prowled shifting to one side their eyes on the two newcomers that had hoods on their heads. Elrond scoffed, more like clear
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#8. Seeking light in the gloom
Light summoners are known as the lion of the night. As they slowly and carefully placed the marble on each other, the sound was getting closer, the echoes between the three carved doors of the cave couldn't help them in finding where the sound was coming from. "I think we have to be fast, otherwise we would be caught." The princess said as fast as she could. "You're troubled, are you scared of being dragged back and forced on the aisle with your betrothed." "It's an archaic carving made of a true Elven sword," Aurora said, she hated talks that regarded Cain and her marriage. "I will keep working on it unless we have time but I do have news, I could tell from the sound below our feet that they're near." "What does that mean? I doubt we will have time. I don't have magic. You could have told me this side of it." And left her? Aurora was desperate. "Well you're right, but they're many ways to get through it if we're lucky enough before them." "Even the way you
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#9. The flame of hope
It drifted through the cave in awe of the silence and the sound, the light and the redolent earth. In the ignorance of the beast that hovered over Aurora, Sara, and Elrond set the cave alight. The whole of the cave danced from shadow to light, he stepped brightly, disturbing the creatures. Aurora's hands rubbed across her face downward. She looked and saw the light shining brightly again. "What in the heck am I supposed to do now? " Fragile, yes but with a spirit like the great Elderwood long lived and strong, when they have lost hope the spirit finds a vessel of its own, many will be awed at how it got to find a vessel so small of the lower creature—humans to contain it. The light to see Sara to the wall, her back hitting it hard. Aurora forced herself to Elrond. "Elrond you have to stop now." She called out to him. The vessel was so small, if of course Elrond uses it, tapped from the sap of his fire any longer, Aurora was. . . A moment later she sc
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#10. Banished army of the siren
They rushed through as far as their legs could carry them, Elrond feel like the worms were already piling up, kind of leaching off his foot "What do we do now?" Aurora quivered as she saw swarms of the warms rolling in each other, ebony as the light reflected, they lined up along the wall heading in their direction. "Well, we run!" Elrond screamed. They ran through but their body was so reluctant and bounced back at them as they jammed into the barrier before them. "Shit I should have covered this well, I was stupid to let them trace us through." "Now is not the time for remorse. Right, you can use your magic or we're done with here." Elrond solicited. "I'm badly injured. I doubt you can perform magic against the boundary either, we're stuck here." "No, no, not again." Elrond's heart thudded, Aurora's mouth was chapped up, and she winced so badly. They turned, looking at the other side of the cave, standing commander Nikolai with half of his platoon
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