Hell wolf

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Hell wolf

By: Abdullah Tijani OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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With the appearance of the Demon wolf, the supernatural realm was thrown into chaos. But then came a prophecy that with the appearance of the Hell wolf, the regime of the Demon wolf would end, and the regime of the Hell wolf would begin, everyone waited and waited for their supposed savior, the Hell wolf, but didn't appear, during that time the werewolves were the one who suffered the most, they were almost wiped out by the Demon wolf because of the prophecy. When everyone had fallen into despair, the Hell wolf suddenly appeared, but who would have thought that the hell wolf was a female. Find out as we take a journey with Emily who seemed to be an ordinary human living in the human realm and knows nothing about her origin nor destiny, how did she know about her destiny, when she finally knew of her destiny, what would she do.


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5 chapters
"Save us! Someone, please save us," some voices shouted as they were being pulled away bonded in chains by a huge brown wolf with two huge horns and a pair of black wings.There was a forest near the place where the voices sounded, birds were chirping happily in the forest making it lively, it was as if the birds could not hear the sounds of people screaming nor could they see the wolf dragging the people in chains, which would scare a lot of people, suddenly the leaves in it rusted, the trees swayed and the birds stopped chirping, the atmosphere became hot, slowly it became unbearable, unbearable for anything to survive in it, the trees caught fire cause of the temperature, and the birds were instantly burned to ashes before they could attempt to fly away.Everything burnt to ashes in the blink of an eye, if the ground was able to burn it would have also caught fire, the once green lively forest had now become a barren land burnt to ashes, nothing living in it was able to escape all
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Strange voice
Going to the class dejectedly, Emily opened the door, sighing sadly.What she met with in the class was out of her expectations, inside the class, there was a cake with eighteen candles, it was on her sit, there was also a huge caption reading "Happy eighteenth birthday Emily," there were also decorations in the class, most of it were wishing her a happy birthday and long life.This gave Emily a great surprise, she had not expected this, but where was everyone, they had given her a huge surprise but they were nowhere to be found, she had to thank them for this, she felt guilty when she thought about what she was thinking about her friends earlier.As she was thinking about this, the door to the classroom opened, her classmates entered together singing her a birthday song, although the door to the classroom was small and narrow they were still able to enter in an orderly manner, singing a birthday song to Emily, she stood rotted to the spot not knowing what she should do, this had far
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Supernatural realm
But this was wrong, Emily wasn’t teleported anywhere, what she didn’t know was that she was currently in her consciousness.“Emily, Emily,” she heard the voice again.Immediately, she spun around, but it was just the trees and the birds, where was this voice calling from? She asked herself.“Emily, Emily,” she heard it again.Quickly she spun around again but there was nothing, this time, she was enveloped in fear, sweating and shivering slightly.Gathering up her courage, ”who are you? why do you keep calling me? show yourself,” she called out to the void, expecting an answer.Unfortunately for her, she got no reply, everywhere was just too silent.“Emily, Emily, you can’t run away from your destiny, you’ll have to face me someday, you know,” the voice called out again.This time, Emily heard the voice right behind her, it was so close that she could feel the hot breath of breathing of the voice in her neck which made her shiver, slowly she turned around only to find it was empty.Se
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In the cloud region of the supernatural realm, this place wasn't just called the cloud region, the place was covered in cloud and almost impossible for anyone to enter as they please, only a very strong person would be able to pass through the cloud without losing the sense of direction.In the cloud region, there was a magnificent building in the center of the city, in front of the building sat Lucy.She was sitting cross-legged inside a circle with twelve lit candles around the circle, the wind blew gently swaying the fire on the candles.Behind Lucy, stood three motionless figures clad in black, it was as if they were not there cause they blended well with the surroundings."Once I open the portal, you should go right in, it would take you to the human realm," Lucy said in a rather cold voice.The figures nodded in understanding, Lucy closed her eyes as she started chanting inaudible words, the circle suddenly lit up and the candles became brighter, with her continuous chanting, th
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New classmates
The day was was eventful for Emily as she went out with her friends to a lot of places, none of them talked about the incident, which made her feel relieved a lot cause she didn't have any explanation for it if they asked.Soon it was nighttime as the day ended, bidding her friends' goodbye Emily went home in high spirits.That night, Emily lay on the bed tossing and turning, she was very tired but she couldn't sleep, she felt as if a pair of eyes were staring at her from the dark watching her closely which send a shiver down her spine and made her very uncomfortable.---In the woods, inside the mansion, Rachel was still where she sat chanting, the strange phenomenon happening around her was still happening, she had been in this state for a whole day which made her feel drained, but during the period, information about the realm they were had been pouring into her head gently like a flowing stream, she used her spiritual sense to search for the hell wolf, all she could sense was that
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