Rebirth: Love and Revenge

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Rebirth: Love and Revenge

By: Xiulin OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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In her past life, she was manipulated by her so-called family. Her cousin and lover betrayed her. She lost the person who loved her unconditionally. She was framed for the murder of her mother. On a cold Friday night, she was found dead in her prison cell. The cause of her death, suicide. Sylvia Baxter was reborn as her 18-year-old self. She is no longer timid and weak. She seeks revenge. He loved her in her past life and even in this lifetime. He puts aside his cold and indifferent image to flirt with her, dote on her, and be a loving husband.


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7 chapters
A woman dressed in an orange prisoner's uniform sat on her bed. Her silky black hair was a mess. There were bruises on the visible parts of her body. Her purple eyes were red from crying. Her facial expression lacked any kind of emotion.The woman stared at the well-dressed and groomed woman who stood before her with a smirk plastered on her face." Sylvia, do you know how and why you ended up like this?"Sylvia, the woman in the prisoner's uniform, shook her head.The other woman laughed like a maniac." Sylvia Sylvia, you are still clueless about everything. are such an idiot! I was the one behind everything", said the other woman in between laughs.Sylvia's eyes widened in shock." That's right! I was the one who arranged for someone to drug your drink at the bar! I arranged for you to sleep with a random man but such a pity, someone had already taken you away by the time he was there. In the end, I still got what I wanted. You got pregnant by a stranger! "Sylvia got
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Why is heaven so chaotic''Yo, Angels! Keep it down! Innocent murdered soul trying to find some peace here'' Why does heaven got to be so bright?! I'm about to be blinded'' Wait! This isn't heaven. This is my room back when I lived with my mother!'What the h*** is this?! Heavens! Heavens! I want a refund!'' I wanted to live a peaceful life in heaven but now you just have to torture me by making me watch 18 year old me living happily with my mother'' I want a refund! A refund I tell you! I want a refund!!'While Sylvia was yelling in her mind, she felt someone hug her. She opened her eyes and nearly screamed. She was on her bed in the middle of the night. completely normal. But, there was a naked man lying beside her. Her clothes were gone too.That was when it hit Sylvia.She was rebornReborn as her 18-year-old self.She was back to the night that turned her life upside down. It was the night she lost her innocence after having one too many drinks and getting into bed with the s
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Reporters I
David Sweeney, Sylvia's father was always worried about his family due to his profession. So in the house, there are many tunnels, slides, and safe rooms. This slide leads to a small shed in the backyard of the house.Sylvia quickly pushed Alexander down and slid down behind him, closing the door to the slide. The two landed on a soft mattress with Sylvia on top of Alexander." If you want to take advantage of me, just say it", said Alexander." Who said that I wanted to take advantage of you?!", said Sylvia angrily before getting off of Alexander." They have to be here"" We got information that Ms. Sweeney was having an affair with an actor, Holden Sparks"" We thought that it was Daniel Russo"" Whoever it is, it will make the headlines"The reporters swiftly got into the house by climbing the extremely high fence. They gossiped quietly as they waited to catch Sylvia in the act.' They are so impatient. I only met them once and they see me as a threat'In her past life, after Ale
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Reporters II
Sylvia quietly went up the stairs that led her into the storage room. She got out of the storage room and saw Rosalinda talking with Daniel Russo.In her past life, Daniel Russo was sent to her room at 1 am in the morning. But by accident, he went into the maid's room and was knocked out by the maids in the room at the time.Sylvia went back in the storage room and searched through the boxes for a servant's uniform She quickly found a box of old uniforms and put on one of them.Sylvia then went outside. She saw daniel and Rosalinda standing in front of her door. The door was wide open and they seem to be bickering. Sylvia smirked and kept on walking. When she was near the door, she picked up her pace, kept her head down, and pushed both Rosalinda and Daniel into the room." What the--"" Who is there?!""Open the door!"" Oh my god, shut up already!"Sylvia quickly ran away. Daniel probably had taken the drug last night. It will not be long before the reporters get here." Good luck"
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First day of school after being reborn I
"You did this to me!!! Die you b-", before Rosalinda could finish her sentence, she saw her grandfather entering the room." Finish your sentence, Rosalinda", said Mr. Sweeney.Rosalinda got away from Sylvia and stuttered as she looked at her parents who stood behind Mr. Sweeney. She begged for help with her eyes but they just looked away in fear of angering Mr. Sweeney if they dared to help their daughter." You have caused all this and still dare to blame your cousin?! What did she do?!", Mr. Sweeney yelled at Rosalinda.The reporters filmed all this. They could already imagine this matter making the headlines. They felt so happy and satisfied when they thought of the reward they will get from their companies. Most of them rushed to get closer shots.Bodyguards appeared out of nowhere and 'kindly' escorted the reporters out. After the bodyguards and reporter left, Mr. Sweeney erupted. He started yelling and shouting. The maids and the butler were frightened.But Sylvia remained unfa
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First day of school after being reborn II
After a long drive, Sylvia arrived at Sunset Valley High. Sunset Valley High has been around for almost a century. It is a very prestigious high school where you either needed to be born a genius or a millionaire to get in.A bunch of posters for clubs and after-school activities were posted on the notice board. Sylvia's eyes caught the poster for the chess club. Sylvia has always been interested in chess. When her father was still around, he would often play chess with Sylvia.But being in clubs wasn't Sylvia's thing as she had to interact with other humans in the club. She was a shy and reserved person by nature. But...that was the Sylvia from the past. The reborn Sylvia was confident and sly. She was sure that interacting with humans would be easier for her now so she decided to sign up for the chess club.After that, the bell rang and the students rushed to class.Sylvia wondered if she will be ridiculed by the teacher upon entering the classroom like those female leads in novels.
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Reality I
At the Sweeney manorRosalinda has been in a bad mood all day long. It wasn't surprising though. She was grounded right now and couldn't go anywhere. She couldn't even go to school. She had to complete all her assignments at home.With her phone and other gadgets being taken away, she couldn't relieve herself of boredom or call any of her friends. When she went to take a swim in the pool, no less than five maids followed her to the backyard and kept an eye on her.Once in her room, she started throwing all her stuff onto the ground. She was cursing Sylvia in her mind.----Sylvia walked inside the house and saw her mother sitting on the couch. In her past life, her mother, Nora Kingston, was always sick and frail. Her body had suffered a great deal after giving birth to Sylvia. She was never able to get pregnant after giving birth to Sylvia.Nora was a beautiful woman in her mid-thirties. She had short silky jet black hair, an hourglass figure, soft and fair skin, and chocolate brown
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