So.. U wanna survive a zombie apocalypse

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So.. U wanna survive a zombie apocalypse

By: Mr_Flash XO OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Ever thought... What if... The Earth faced a zombie apocalypse.. Let's have a class with one of the famous surviving Lord of the Earth -38 , Bian tai •_• Multiverse... JOIN MY DISCORD :


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Hey there.. I heard you came to me to learn a thing or two about surviving in the zombie apocalypse. Hey, cheer up. You have obviously came to the right person. What do you mean, 'that's what they all say.'You came to me and now you are comparing me with those selfish losers. Come on. Yeah, that's it. You should apologize properly. A sorry won't do. Yeah kneel down. Huh. Oh sorry. I got out of the script did I.. Ok. Let's start it again. #Repeating again. So that people don't know about our talk.. I heard you came to me to learn a thing or two about surviving in the zombie apocalypse. Look I am a forgiving person. I am a kind hearted man. And not to say, that I am handsome. #Director groaningYeah. Oh bring me some whiskey , will you sweet  heart... Oh thankyou. Mmmm... Ok. Ok. Don't order me arou
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Backstory of the charactersBian tai is one of the four great overlord from Earth -38. Earth-38 has been one of the earth in the multiverse in which a small experiment caused humans to nearly face an extinction. A group of young scientists working at G group of company's research centre performed an experiment on superhuman powers. Ever since the end of World War I, a new group of humans evolved The Supers. These people didn't have powers like flying or any other catchy powers. Their powers were simple. Some had superhuman strength, superhuman eyesight, speed more than an average human, super hearing. They were called Supers because of being better than average humans. These scientists tried to synthesize powers into humans in lab. They were successful... But the cost was great. The entire North America lost it's electricity.This experiment used up a lot of energy. America was in dark. The research centre exploded. It could
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