Zombie Overlord

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Zombie Overlord

By: Destiny Max OngoingSci-Fi

Language: English

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"I won't ever give up! Even if I'm weak, or dead, or I've lost everything! Nothing would stop me from destroying every single creature who dares to cross me!" A little boy holding a black gun yelled to the sky with tears streaming down his face as he knelt in the middle of various dead zombies. 2180 AD, Earth suffered from a sudden calamity that brought it into the apocalyptic era. The age of the dead. Civilisation crumbled after countless encounters with about 70% of the living being on earth which had mutated into deadly monstrosities. In the midst of all the chaos was a little boy with a dormant ability to control zombies. He lost everything except his loving family to the apocalypse. Mark then swore to try his utmost best to protect his family, and find ways to get revenge for all the lost lives. Humanity finally found ways to activate their dormant abilities to help counter against the common enemy. Those who activated their abilities were generally called 'Deviants', and were at the peak of humanity. Mark, the insignificant little boy with his family, continued to fight for their survival. Everything became more difficult when Mark discovered his ability... Was to control zombies.

1 chapters
 A little boy was staring at the sky with big curious eyes. He was still in his pyjamas and had stayed awake for a long time to just stare at the starless sky."Mark, it's past your bedtime now, stop staring at the empty sky and get into bed!" A tall man in his prime shouted from outside the room where Mark was in. He Was Mark's father and his name was John. Mark softly sighed before looking away from the sky, and jumping straight into his bed. He was about to close his eyes when he suddenly felt the house tremble. 'Earthquake?' He could faintly hear the sound of sirens blaring in the distance. He ignored it with a slight shrug before turning off his bed lamp and slowly closing his eyes. ---- "Ah~!" Mark suddenly jumped out of bed as he looked towards the location where he heard the scream. Gunshots resounded throughout the street, as Mark curiously peeped through his window. A lar
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