Apathy at Gifted Academy

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Apathy at Gifted Academy

By: Haobo Zhang OngoingUrban/Realistic

Language: English

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I don't want other people to see my past. Although other people don't understand, what I have become now is nothing to be envious of. Radical government reforms, schools now become a meritocracy. It's a battle, in this overcrowded world, to reach the very top. The most prestigious school, Valencians High School, is a war ground for the smartest and most persistent students, for whoever reaches the top, will change the world. Society has no place for the weak.


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Why does anything matter? A human is nothing but a machine made of smaller components, running on chemical reactions.There is no inherent meaning in any action which a person may partake in, for there is no inherent meaning in anything at all.A person can create goals, an objective or aim with intrinsic value to the creator, but these goals are just tiny islands in a never-ending ocean. You can get closer to an arbitrary endpoint you set, get to another island further away from where you began, but you are still infinitely far away from the edge of the ocean, for it is infinitely large.Why do people seem to care so much?I suppose you could set pain as a variable, a measurement of how fulfilling one's life is, as you can't avoid pain and you are biologically programmed to dislike pain.Even so, pain as a concept itself is just as infinitely arbitrary as ev
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Where Future Leaders are Born
It was not long before I was at the front of the queue. I looked up at the menu screen above, there was an array of appetising pictures of meals and food. Students could order anything they want at this school and have the chefs make it for them. Still, I have never ordered anything extravagant."What would you like?" asked the cafeteria lady, relatively calmly."Just some vegetable soup, please.""You're a weird boy, ordering vegetable soup when we have all these options, oh well, please wait, I'll get one of the chefs to prepare some.""Thank you."The cafeteria lady sighed and walked towards the kitchen.I moved to the side, letting the people behind me get served. This was a school for the highest scoring students in the entire world, having hundreds of millions of dollars funded by the government each year. Several years ago, radical reforms were made by United Nations, it basically made the school system a complete
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What did the vice-captain want from me?Maia Keller was the second-highest ranked in the first years, only behind Caleb Lannister. She was a cold unwelcoming individual, a common trait amongst the high rankers. Unbecoming of her personality, she was recognized as pretty attractive by many of the year 10s. I had no opinion, however."What are you doing here?"It was odd for she was the one asking the question, but I replied honestly, not wanting to cause an ordeal."I was bored of my class.""You're Sonya Moran's little brother, aren't you?"The vice-captain somehow knew my sister. This sent a shiver down my spine. No one had mentioned my sister's name in many years. She went through this school two years ago."How do you know her?""She fell in love with my older brother, of course, I'd know her."I had received a letter from my sister three years ago. It was the only communication I had ever had with my older sister. I
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An Unspoken Presence
I removed the envelope from the cupboard. A neatly folded sheet of paper was inside. I looked at the contents of the letter, a single sentence. "I'm waiting for you." What was this esoteric message? This was not what I was expecting. Nothing else was found on the letter, no name, no reference to anything related to the senderWas I missing something? This feeling was eerily familiar.I took the kettle off the stand and poured water into my cup of instant noodles. The steam brushed my face, warming me up in an instant. * It was Saturday, during which, students could do basically anything they wanted as there were no scheduled classes. I was not someone who overly enjoyed usual recreation activities. As I watched the rising sun through the window, I pondered what I was going to do.There seemed to be someone knocking on the door."Ollie,"It was a voi
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Would You Give Your Blood, Sweat, Tears and Toil?
The two of us walked into the convenience store."Anyways, enough about that, while we're here, let's have some fun!""We're in a convenience store, not an amusement park..."At this school, each student gets an allowance based on their rank, class and test results. The points are basically a one-to-one imitation of the dollar in terms of value. However, the points can only be spent in the school. Points can be earned in the following ways: Class Points, Class A - 1000 points, Class B - 500 points, Class C - 200 points, Class D - 100 points (Per month).Rank Points, each student gets (100 - [their rank]) points multiplied by 10. (E.g. Rank #2 would earn (100-2) multiplied by 10 equalling 980 points.) (Per month).Test Points, (During midterm and End-of-Year exams only, for each of the four tests), a score above 70% earns 100 points, a score above 80% earns 300 points, a score about 90% earns 1000 points and
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Hidden Love
A day had passed since I saw Maia.It was Monday morning so I began packing my bag for class. The classrooms were very close to the dorms so I didn't need to worry about being late.I had a bitter taste in my mouth. What was the letter about? What was Maia talking about? It was uncomfortable.Was I missing something?Is there something I haven't noticed yet? * I made my way into the classroom for the first period, taking my seat beside Noah. He was speaking to the girl behind him."Hey, Saha.""Hello, slug."She was a very uninviting person. She was often alone, without a circle of friends to be with. The only person who ever seemed to talk to her was Noah. She was without a doubt mean and cold to everyone, but it seemed to be intensified even more around Noah."I hear it's going t
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What is Betrayal?
I woke up to the sound of my phone beeping.
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Courage Does Not Stem From Violence
I didn't really need to ponder that much about what Maia and Noah were up to.It was way before my alarm was set to ring when I heard a knock. I had just barely woken up when they decided it was a good time to start speaking."Ollie, I need a favour."It was Maia, and thus began the second round of pointlessly speaking through my door."What is it?""I need to borrow 1500 points."It was a very sudden request, given that Maia likely has a lot of points anyways, I was confused why she needed these points from me.Then again, I guess she was planning to do something against Caleb."I'll pay you back double the amount once I'm done."This sounded like the premise of a very risky investment, maybe even a scam.Although given her rank and status, I deduced that it likely wouldn't be hard for her to pay me back, even a hefty sum like 3000 points."I assume you're not going to tell me why you need these points?"Read more
When is the Right Time to Show my True Face?
"We shall now vote on the idea that: All class points in year one will be revised to a fluid merit-based system, with the ability to increase or decrease class points based on performance in examinations."This new rule would've been one that strongly favoured the higher classes. Based on the class systems, the higher classes would naturally be able to increase their class points with the lower classes losing their class points. It was a blatant 'rich get richer, poor get poorer' system. The school approved this based on the idea that the school was already a meritocracy so this didn't seem any more unusual. Even so, this was still biased.Caleb however, did not mind this obvious discrimination when he put forward the idea, for he had his own goals in mind.The year one student council members sat around an awkwardly large table. Basically, everyone had already decided whether or not they were going to vote for the bill.Everyone in the student counc
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Romantic Complex
It was Sunday morning.I looked out the window of my dorm. There were some students who were already awake, frolicking on the path, youth, leaning on railings, laughing, talking with friends. The rising sun coloured the atmosphere in an orange tint.I was somewhat bored.I guess I'll go to the mall.As I made my way inside, I saw that the centre was practically empty, it was to be expected since it was so early. There were employees preparing the stores for opening, only a scarce few cafes and retail stores were open.Now that I'm here, I'm not really sure what I'm going to do.I slowly made my way around the mall, inspecting the storefronts which had yet to open for the day. Suddenly, someone called out to me from behind."Ollie!"It wasn't Maia, it was Trista.It came to somewhat of a pleasant surprise to me."Hey,""So, what are you doing here?""I was just looking for something to do in the morni
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