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Trueblood (Broken Brotherhood) is the conclusion to the TRUEBLOOD series It's 2022 and everything is seemingly calm. Abel is the Alpha of the growing Trueblood pack which consists of young Supernaturals who do their best to protect Bartlesville from evil Supernaturals. Abel suddenly gets a surprise visit from a stranger claiming to be his brother. This causes a rift between Abel and James who has now been adopted by Queen Evelyn to be Abel's foster brother. Unknown to Abel,his brother arrives for dominion,he arrives to cause havoc and destruction and to also rule the Kingdom of Asteria. The Blood Moon Pack loses Alpha Alfred and a new Pack ruler must be chosen between Sean and Dean. It is to be a formal battle for power but an old enemy takes control of Sean,causing him to take the reins of power and he leads the pack to commit atrocities. Dwayne is also settled in China and lives a normal life. Unfortunately for him,his body hosts two brothers (The Dragon's soul and Alcatraz,the demon of doom) who agitate each other the moment Alcatraz decided to go rogue Alcatraz escapes his hostage and decides to chase havoc. Now that brotherly ties have been severed and terror is unleashed on the world,it's up to Abel,Dwayne and what is left of their crew to fight for the world. Would they succeed or they'll lose an impending destruction? All would be revealed in this conclusion... TRUEBLOOD (BROKEN BROTHERHOOD) .



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7 deadly sins
It was just an open field. The sun shone upon it,blessing the floor with its warm rays. The breeze blew softly,causing a calm, soothing atmosphere. It seemed that was heaven,the peace and calm that existed showed more.Suddenly the sky darkened and lightning struck. Thunder rumbled in the sky and all seemed to fall in sudden disarray. The wind began to blow ferociously,causing the once calm field to become a hell looking place. A dark portal opened and 5 human looking creatures emerged,all displaying destructive auras. They had a smirk each on their faces and suddenly,calm returned. Of all 5 creatures,one was different,he wasn't smirking and was rather grunting in rage. "Relax rage,he'll be here in a minute." The female creature with a seductive voice calmed him. "I'm still pissed. How did he take control of us?" Rage yelled. "I understand you dear but raging isn't going to solve anything. Let's just wait and hear his offers." She said in a seductively calming voice. "I'll advi
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Dwayne appeared right in the police station,it was nearly deserted and there was Stan, awaiting him at the entrance. Stan walked towards him and shook his head. "What's the issue?" Dwayne asked, sensing there was a lot going on. "We got a call that there was a gang war in a street. Our officers were sent there,it turns out that there's also a major drug deal going on in the same area,the gang war was only a distraction. Our men split into two teams and went to bust the deal and stop the war but unfortunately,many have been taken down. it seems there are Supernaturals there." He explained. "Damn,what about Yao and Lee?" Dwayne asked. "Both are facing whatever is there. I'm scared, Lee was shot with Silver Plutonium,what ever is attacking them knows us being Supernaturals too." He replied. "Fuck this. Give me the coordinates,I'm heading there right now." He instructed and Stan pulled him towards the laptop on a desk. He opened it and the location with a video of the earlier gang wa
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