My All Class Gaming System

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My All Class Gaming System

By: Lord of Hallows Ongoing

Language: English

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Reincarnating in a Cyberpunk dystopian gaming reality, ex Pro-gamer Jayden Hwang a.k.a Hellsing the Overlord soon finds himself in a deadly game for survival. Taking this as his second chance at life, Jayden quickly levels up with help from his absurdly overpowered system. With his new profound power, Hellsing races to become the next Game Master, despite several unforeseen mishaps


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7 chapters
Game on
[Suburb City] A young Lad was seen lying casually on his enormous bed, earnestly snuggling his cozy blanket not minding his surrounding. As he slept, a loud ring suddenly echoed , promptly waking the lad causing him to frantically leap out of his bed. The sudden ring originated form his smart phone which was idly laid on a stool, close to his bed. Struggling to wrap his head around the situation, he slowly grabbed his phone, immediately turning off the annoying and constant ringing. Not minding what time it is, the young lad immediately went back to sleep, wrapping himself up with his blanket. “Wait.. I have school this morning!” Worriedly The young lad, leaped out of bed, heading straight towards his window, pulling away the curtains trying to ascertain the accurate time frame. To his greatest surprise, it was already the peak of the new day. “Shit, I’m going to be late for school!” Rushing straight the bathroom, the young lad undressed himself revealing his weak but attractiv
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Game On [II]
[0:06]“Please….”[0:05]“…. Please”[0:04]“I’m begging you!”[0:02]“Please, Open up!”[0:01]“Please… Please, Open up!” He helplessly cried, frantically banging on the force field.Right before the timer hit zero, Jayden’s banging obvious agitated the Force field in turn, allowing the young scared waltz in, just in a nick of time.[0:00][CONGRATULATIONS PLAYER HELLSING, YOU HAVE SUCCESSFULLY CLEARED THE POP UP QUEST][ACQUIRED REWARDS:][10 STAT POINTS][20 TRIXUM][10 EXP POINTS]Laying helplessly on the ground, Jayden rear the blue words that hovered in front of his eyes, sighing earnestly with relief.“Fuck this shit, that was extremely emotional!” Jayden earnestly said, slowly raising back to his feet’s.Immediately he was up, his eyes was immediately greeted by a immensely beautiful sight. The buildings that surrounded him were all magnificent and gigantic in size, soaring high into the bright blue sky. The entire sight was illuminated with bright Azure, Jade, Ember and Scarl
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Level up!
“With this, I guess it’s time I level up!”Two Hours Later,Jayden was seen running through the labyrinth of digital houses in the Backwater District and in his hand was a bronze Loot Crate. Behind him was a group of angry Players, all targeting their various weapons at him.“Shit, why are there still chasing me” He worriedly thought to himself, taking a sharp turn to the left trying shake off his pursuers.Judging from his current predicament, it was obvious that he stole the Loot Crate from the mob of Players.“Give us back that Crate you bastard!” The Mob yelled, blasting Jayden with their various projectile weapon.“What of if I don’t want to!” He answered, wearing a scrawny smile.“Then we’re gonna kill you!” They yelled continuing their hour long pursue.“Shit, I’ve got to end this quickly…. I’ve definitely racked up a ton of Fatigue” He worriedly thought to himself, activating his Status tab.[MP: 40] [EXP: 0/25][STRENGTH: 8] [FATIGUE: 55]“Damnit, I’m getting tired by the min
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[MISSION QUEST HAS BEEN SUCCESSFULLY CLEARED][YOU HAVE LEVELED UP][YOU HAVE LEVELED UP][YOU HAVE LEVELED UP][YOU HAVE LEVELED UP][YOU HAVE LEVELED UP][YOU HAVE LEVELED UP][YOU HAVE LEVELED UP][PLAYER NAME: HELLSING] [LEVEL: 10][CLASS: RAIDER][HP: 190][MP: 140] [EXP: 5/160][STRENGTH: 22] [FATIGUE: 0][AGILITY: 22] [VITALITY: 26][SENSE: 21] [TRIXUM: 60T]“This is awesome!” Jayden exclaimed with excitement.“I leveled up at a ridiculously fast pace. Well, let’s forget about that and focus on my Rewards” He added.[ACQUIRED REWARDS:][BUFF PILLS ×1][GRENADES ×5][RANDOM ITEM]“Whoa, Another Random Item.. I wonder what it could be”[--------RANDOM ITEM--------][LAMBDA][EQUIPMENT GRADE: RARE][ATK POINT: 35][DURABILITY: 20][DESCRIPTION: A PAIR OF RECOILLESS HI-TECH HANDGUNS, DESIGNED WITH INCREDIBLE SHOOTING SPEED AND ACCURACY][SKILL: (active) BLEED, BARRAGE ][MANA COST: 30]Just the items he received beforehand, a pair of extremely high tech Handguns digitized themselve
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>!Boom ! Crash ! Bang !All the accumulated damage Jayden incurred was immediately released in an immense omnidirectional wave Azure energy, blasting Sting into a nearby building. His attack also destroyed a bunch of public property in the process.[PLAYER NAME: STING] [LEVEL: 11][CLASS: RANGER][HP: 91]The young male laid helplessly on the ground, staring into the dark sky. He them noticed a dark shadow, walking towards him. The shadow belonged to Hellsing, who was basically looking really sinister and menacing.“You’re not going anywhere!”“I didn’t plan on going anywhere” Sting wryly answered, wearing a sadistic grin.“Good, just hold still so I can kill you…” Jayden promptly replied, immediately attempting to shoot the young male right through his head.“Wait…. Wait a minute!” Sting hurriedly exclaimed, halting Jayden from shooting.“Why?” He curiously inquired, earnestly glaring at the dying player in front of him.“You don’t have to do this”“Do what, kill
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Death Squadron
“Who is in charge of this ‘Death Squadron’ group?” Jayden sternly asked with a frown.“He calls himself…. The Grim Reaper!” Sting answered, staring earnestly at the young player in front of him.“And what do you intend to do If I agree to help you?” Jayden further questioned.“I wanna take him down!” He swiftly replied.Hearing his reply, Jayden remained silent as he pondered on what action he would take. Out of the blues, he said “I’ll think about it”, swiftly walking away.“Huh?” Sting couldn’t help but awkwardly exclaim, ruefully chuckling at Hellsing.“Hey, where are you going?” He indignantly commented, stomping behind Jayden who was slowly increased his pace.“To think about it” Jayden awkwardly replied, obviously not wanting to help out.Noticing this, Sting immediately halted his incessant pursuit, sadly staring at Jayden who continued to steadily increase his pace.“I understand….” Sting genially said.“I’m sorry for bothering you” He further added, preparing to leave the vic
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Revenge [I]
“Sting, where are we?” Jayden curiously inquired, wearing a stern expression.“We’re in Death Squadron’s territory” He promptly answered, glaring in anger.Both their cheerful demeanor completely disappeared as they both wore furious and stern facial expression, slowly strolling the gray fog. Sting’s dazzling Sniper rifle slowly digitized right out of nowhere while Jayden activated one of his Active Skills.>Right out his Power Gauntlets, two azure colored blades promptly digitized.“Their hideout isn’t far… Do you remember the plan?” Sting said.“Yeah” He simply replied.“Alright then, let’s go murder some bastards” Sting said, sinisterly grinning.They continued their journey through the eerie terrain with their total attention fixated on the mission at hand. After a couple of spine chilling minutes, they finally arrived at The Death Squadron main hideout.++++++++++++++++++The Death Squadron Hideout was a huge circular dome with a height of at least Twenty foots
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