Edge: At the Myriad's end

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Edge: At the Myriad's end

By: Pedro Tibulo Carvalho OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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In the event known as 'The Edge', one third of the world's global population vanished from existence, which changed the entire course of history. After three years, the people known as 'Beyonders' came back, bringing all sorts of knowledge. However, little did humans knew that history was fated to repeat itself. Jacob, a bright, young man, gets reincarnated into anoter world, one that quickly forced him to fight back.


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The rebirthing
Jacob eyed his phone with a small smile on his lips as he watched the latest posts in the Fantasy Forum he modded. The question was actually good, for once.He was about to answer when a strong hand touched his shoulder.“Really, Jake? I spent three years away and the first time we met, you stay focused on that… thing.”The man, his friend, was tall, with broad shoulders and golden locks, that looked misplaced in his hard features. He wore clothes that were too small for him, which showed his buff physique.“Sorry, Bart.” Jake spoke, smiling at his friend and placing the device on his pocket. “It’s just that the question did caught my attention.” He sighted and then guided the blonde towards one of the tables in the food district. “But still, man! It’s been three years since the Edge! You gotta tell me how it was in the Beyond!”His red irises locket into his friend eyes, as if to grasp on Bartholomeo very soul. Jacob Smith has dark hair, and usually wears a blue sweater and green pan
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Mind link
Three months later, Jacob’s death on earth was notified as suicide. Needless to say, few did care enough for that to matter. The world was a big and scary place, after all, and not everyone had the time, nor the reason, to care for a death of a single young man. So, life kept running. Interestingly enough, after his death, some strange things begun to happen. For starters, some of the Beyonders around the world started to be killed as well. The identity of the assassin was a big secret, but, after some weeks, the commotion died out. People still got killed, but it meant little for those in the stars. If anything, for them, it was actually good that this was happening. Many of the minds gathered on the space stations still had family down on earth. Or, in some cases, they did not. These were, usually, the most troublesome case, since they blamed, with or without reason, the Beyonders for their loved ones deaths. “This is divine justice.” They would say to anyone who wanted to hear.
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The first step
Took him two more months, but his Mind Link was finally strong enough so that he could talk to his puppet. He was thinking on how to approach this, since he couldn’t blow up his cover. Even if Marcaust was addicted to his touch, others weren’t. “Marcaust of Caligula!” He spoke through the link, making sure that the voice sounded powerful, ancient and wise. “Heed mine words!” “Who’s there?” He asked aloud, looking on all directions with fright. Jacob had the foresight to not do that while others were there, so he was safe. “My name is Jo’han, the creator of this world, and of many others.” He made his best imitation of what a god would sound like, his touch coaxing Marcaust’s worries, making him relax and lean into his invisible hands. “I have a mission to thee.” “You’re the one who’s been in my mind.” He whispered while Jacob burned any distrust feelings his puppet could have. Surprisingly, there were few. “I did so. I gave thee knowledge, and presented to thee solutions for what
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Two weeks after the Conference and his puppet was already promoted to head of research management. Needless to say, this helped a lot, specially with the ideas he was planting on Marcaust mind. Thoughts like: “Is it fair?” or “Now that our society have Nuclear Energy, will they release the Homunculi?” This was not only so he could be free, but also find a way for the Homunculi to not be enslaved… still, it didn’t meant much. Sure, the energy source may change, but his compatriots would still be seen as less than humans. It was like so with the slaves, a fact that much annoyed him. Back on his old world, even with all the changes society has went through, there were still those who were seem as less than others. Needless to say, he hated slavery, for he hated the idea of not being free. The idea of being unable to do his research, to not be able to know everything this world has to offer… it made him feel anger like no other. So, of course he would focus himself on freeing his kin
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The number of the beast
“Hey buddy…” Bart teared up in front of that grave, memories coming to the forefront of his mind. “So… it’s been a couple of weeks since I last came here… it’s been weird. Like, more and more people keep coming back, I’m sure you’d like to know about them… on another note, your sister’s now a Level 2 Yellow Class… she’s been busy, so… don’t worry.”He couldn’t stop the bitterness on his voice. She didn’t even attended her brother’s funeral. “Well… I’ve met a cute girl! She’s awesome… and she’s a Beyonder, like me.” He shot a teasingly smile. “Well, I’m sure that you have some nice angels with you… or maybe you got sent to hell…”He flinched, knowing full well that Jake didn’t believed in the afterlife.“Well… I hope you’re okay… wherever you are, please watch over me… Jake.”With that, he turned back, then, a frown marred his features. Electricity slowly begun to flown out of his body and he eyed the man in front of him with wariness that he only had back into Livéria.“I take it I’m
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