Godfather In Fantasy World

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Godfather In Fantasy World

By: doe OngoingSystem

Language: English

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4 chapters
1. Lucifer
King City, Spade Empire, sudden heavy rain makes the city very quiet. A bus enters the terminal in heavy rain. Raindrops constantly slap on the bus windows under gusts of wind. The Bus gradually stopped, the bus door opened, and the passengers on the bus rushed down.A young man was standing at the back of the crowd, a suitcase in his left hand and umbrella in his right hand. He was about eighteen years old, tall and slender, with half-length and slightly messy black hair, and the face hidden by the hair was very handsome."Ah... Finally arrived in the capital."The young man said as he got off the bus, while he opened his umbrella to avoid rainwater so that his clothes would not get wet.His name is Lucifer Bryan. Lucifer is a man who has just come down from the mountain. He goes to the capital to meet his only remaining family, his grandfather. When Lucifer was 3 years old. He and his parents suffered a robbery while traveling to another city. His parents were killed in a robbery a
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2. The Fallen Angel Lucifer
[Ding! Congratulations, you have completed the mission. Chain Mission I: Defeat one gangster in the capital. Prize 10,000 Points and Full Version System.]Yes, Lucifer has a system, the name of the system is "Strongest Mafia System".This system, Lucifer acquired at his birth or 18 years ago.But, this system is very stingy, it never gives out missions. Even the Daily Sign-in Reward is very small.In Fact, something was interesting and Lucifer was so interested that he really wanted to buy it in the system store.What Lucifer wants is an item that costs 10 million points, one of the most expensive items in the system Store.Lucifer knew even if he saved up points for a few years, he couldn't accumulate 10 million points. Finally, he didn't expect too much. He bought the complete basic knowledge in accordance with the knowledge that would be taught by his seven grandfathers.With the help of the system. Lucifer easily learned various knowledge from his seven grandfathers.In the mornin
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3. Lucifer's Grandfather
"Name?"Luna asked."Lucifer Bryan"Lucifer answered briefly'Lucifer Bryan.'Luna was stunned for a moment. Luna thought, 'Why is this name so familiar?' But being unable to remember it and currently still in working hours she immediately ignored it."Gender?""Men.""Why did you hurt a man named Crieg?""I refused to answer. Wait until my lawyer comes and where is my room? I was very tired and wanted to rest."Lucifer said while yawning."Bastard, do you really think that this police station is a hotel? How do you get a lawyer? Do you deliberately want to delay the time to sleep and eat free in prison?"Luna said angrily.Luna feels like she can't get anything out of Lucifer. She finally gives up and lets her subordinates take Lucifer back to his cell.--- The next day at 8 am ---Luna left home to go to work in a good mood today. On the way to work, Luna passes by Bryan's family estate.Luna remembered the name 'Lucifer Bryan'. Lucifer Bryan is the son of General Jonathan Bryan w
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4. Lucifer's Little Brother
"Dover!""Young Master!"Faced with this sudden change, the family members who had just played with the beauties were so panicked that they didn't have time to put on their pants, as they rushed to Dover!The face of Donatello's family member, Dica became very serious.'What happened? Why did Dover give off such a frightening pressure all of a sudden?" He thought.Everyone found Dover in the center of the chaos and saw him sitting limply on the ground, with pale skin and erratic eyes.As if remembering about the past.The family members did not dare to disturb him, but Dover said in a trembling tone: "Tyrant, Dica, Checkmate... You must know my past!"Without waiting for the three to answer, Dover said to himself, "I once told you my story. When I was seven years old. I was expelled from my family after my mother's death. Then I was taken by an old beggar and began to study on a mountain, there I learned the skills of various weapons. After I finished my lessons and left the mountain
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