Mystic Flows

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Mystic Flows

By: twelfth_moon OngoingFantasy

Language: English

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Life's a mystery and death is absolute. When two opposite things come close, what result will destroy the balance? Is life after death valid? Or just another cheat? If life can manipulated with a deck of cards, are you willing to risk it for another chance to avoid death?


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5 chapters
1: Liezel Rein Del Cruz
Every news blogs and site about business will not miss a thing about Liezel Rein Del Cruz. From land to sea and even overseas, the DC Company had dominated any kinds of business. She built it from scratch without any help from her parents and relative. But no one knows how she raise it till it become competative to the industry.DC Company also has good records in taxes and people's trust. Yearly surveys of the Commision of Audit that visited their company will always and will always leave with a bright smile on their faces. They even sing praises about the company. It almost started a rumour about 'putting a money'. But all of a sudden all of the rumors stopped and speculation about the company's quick action innocence remained unknown. "Congratulations on another yet again successful transaction Miss Liezel! I hope you don't mind me paying a visit without even bringing something with me...again. As you know I am broke as hell and even if I wanted to rob someone to bring something t
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2: Alexei Maxis Rodrigo
Life is shorter than what you think it is. You are born to the world, raised to be a perfect offspring to fit in society. Practice a degree and get a profession before starting your career and creating your own family. Raising them like what you are raised and retires after reaching the age of 60. Then after that, the time just feels like eternity. You've been busy your whole life for chasing a goal that you forgot to breathe and take in the world. Only to be incapable to do what you finally want to do because of old age. And when you're limited, you suddenly think of things that are impossible for your age and regrets. Regrets had been a part of humans and no one did not regretted in their life. That is also the many reason why humans can't be God.--A soft groan came from the king size bed in the middle of the room and away from the ray of lights that is seeping through the curtain, preventing the little boy from being disturbed. The room is wide enough for a single person and h
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3: The Funeral
It's a Sunday but everyone was busy around the Rodrigo Family.Six days since he woke up, Alexei stretches his slumbering bones in front of his wall sized sliding window which will connect him to a terrace for a more satisfactory view but he decided to stay in his warm room. His legs were now okay. The talk about a cane is now dismissed."Ferrer huh." He is not totally resting during the days that he was told to rest, he does his own research with the help of his new found trustable person, Ben. Whie increasing his stamina and discovered a fun fact about himself. He is too fit to be considered weak.The Ferrer handles lumber and all sorts of woodcraft products. They export steadily and now with the news of the madam of the business industry passing, their income boom like broken water flow. Alexei had heard them and they crossed DC once or twice but since they are not that big for him to crush, he let them be. [Guess they are still the old trashes that haven't found their dumpsite.]
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4: Encounter
The world may end any minute and people are still chasing their wants, pushing all the needs at the back of their heads. The luxury and the drama, much better when there is chaos to sum it all up. There is no fun in a dull life. Not that they notice these patterns.It's another day to face and just like any other, this human started the day with a stretch. Thirty minutes meditation.Thirty minutes breathing.Thirty minutes jog before he will finally go to the bathroom and do his morning skin care. Since the time has already tight for him, he will skip breakfast and will go to the location directly with a hard to identify get up he thought everytime he just wanted to escape away from his life. He get his keys and walk towards the bus stop and wait. He was early as usual. With the newspaper he got on the store nearby for only a few coins, he scanned the business section and saw in bold letters the deceased madam of DC. Under the headline is a name of a boy that familiar to him. Three
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5: Getting the hang of it
It was Friday and Alexei had already finished packing his things up while tidying his room of everything that he might need when they go back to the main house at Cavite.A few knocks awakened his mind back to his surrounding and he waited till the newcomer closes the door and stated what he needed for him."Your parents told me that you will be leaving at 7 this evening. Are you all ready to go sir?" Alexei just look at the things around him scattered like some animal made a mess around looking for something to destroy.It has been a month since he awoken as Alexei and through the time he had been researching and studying his behavior, the original Alexei. He is an average guy that does things well accurately in the middle.The books he possesses were a mix of business and arts. While his clothes were a mix of gradient black and white, there is only an evident choice of clothing he always wear. He doesn't look like he is actively online on any social media but just curtly updating fo
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