Villainous Esper in a Fantasy World

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Villainous Esper in a Fantasy World

By: Rommel OngoingFantasy

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“They said someone like me could never move the elements, so I decided to move the earth instead.”--- Lake, The Manaless Magician, 1523 AMC. This story follows the story of Lake, a boy born from the slums, poor and powerless... ...until he discovers an ability that only he has-- to move objects with just a thought without even having to use mana.


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“They said someone like me could never move the elements, so I decided to move the earth instead.”--- Lake, The Manaless Magician, 1523 AMC.More than a thousand years ago, humans thought they made contact with extraterrestrial life for the first time. The world didn’t know what to do with this— the only thing they could really do was welcome them with open arms.But what humans thought was a ship, turned out to be a raging ball of destruction that instantly wiped out a third of the human population. Well, they were the lucky ones.Those that survived had to fight for their lives every single day, no. They had to fight for every single breath that escaped their lips— because the destruction did not stop there.What followed was a raging bout of earthquakes, floods, violent hurricanes, and lightning storms that turned the Earth into a literal hell. But that wasn’t what almost wiped out the entire life on Earth, no.It was the beings that sprung forth from the comet that did that.What
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“Sister……I brought you food.”Most cities were built inside walls, walls that reached almost the clouds themselves; an exaggeration, of course.And within those walls was a literal and solid foundation where cities are built on top on; not as tall as the walls, but high enough to prevent any beasts that manage to go through the walls from ever climbing the city above, as most would be killed by the Blessed.The distance between the walls and the elevated city was about 500 meters— enough for beasts to secretly dwell in. Still, it was relatively safe inside and outside the Walls……making the gap a place to also live in by people.Dubious people, people that have no means to live within the city, and the unfortunate children that were born in it. Lake, sadly, belongs to the last category.They were called Belters, sometimes, Bottom Dwellers; scum of society, as others would address them. And perhaps there was a valid reason for that, as most of those that live within the Belt would tur
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The Wooden Horse
“Stop there!”“Run, run now!”Almost by instinct, Lake’s entire body flinched as soon as the guards’ eyes landed on him. He looked at his sister for a few moments, before tightening his grip on her hands and dragging her away. He was thinking of leaving her there since the guards would just more than likely ignore her— but she would more than likely just stand and play on her spot forever.He can’t leave her alone.Fortunately for Lake, River will always follow him no matter what. And so, he ran— moving through the narrow and dark alleys of the belt along with his sister.“Don’t let him get away this time!”“...” Lake glanced back, only to see the guards surprisingly able to catch up to them. Perhaps not surprisingly, as Lake was making sure he wouldn’t leave River behind… and the guards were probably desperate to catch him.Why now? He thought. He had been stealing from the Uppers for years now, and never once did they try to follow him to the Belt. It wasn’t only him— the Belt was l
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“Get away from her!”It felt as if Lake’s entire body was being pulled and ripped apart— his lungs, almost as if being vacuumed from the inside as they collapsed on him.Unbeknownst to him, however, what he was feeling was currently being experienced by everything around him. Anything that surrounded him was turning into shreds; the ground beneath him, completely caving in as they shattered and disintegrated.And before the guard nearest to him could react, the somewhat invisible ripple reached him. The guard’s feet were the first to go; his shoes, burning away before his flesh showed itself— not for long, however, as even the blood that wanted to spill out just turned into a mist.And without a second later, the guard’s body disintegrated, turning into a mist of blood. Everything was happening so fast that no one was even able to react to what was happening; even the dilapidated and thin walls that made the alley start to crumple and crumble before disintegrating along with the rest
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Trouble in The First Day
“Did you see the new student?”"I heard she's in the special class. Her mana is supposedly off the charts.""Oh, she's special, alright. Pft.""..."They said the Blessed were rare and only 1 out of 500 were born with the Manavirus. Of course, that was just something that Lake overheard from other people— but that clearly wasn’t true.Lake has probably lost count of how many footprints he had to mop from the marbled floor because of how many Blessed students come and go the hallway.The students were all in uniform— a black and white suit, and skirt for the women. And for some reason, they were all wearing an oversized brown leather belts around their waist area."..." Lake was also wearing a uniform; different from the students, of course, as his was all white. Suffice it to say, this is the cleanest set of clothes that Lake has ever worn in his entire life.His ash-brown hair, however, was still completely disheveled and covering half his face— one could even barely see his murky bl
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