The revived dark wizard

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The revived dark wizard

By: William james OngoingMystery/Thriller

Language: English

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Black magician Robert Henry Coddrigton dies after a protracted struggle against the Three Envoys, and somehow... finds that he has been reincarnated hundreds of years later in the body of an inept Marquis...


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7 chapters
Robert Henry Coddrigton
"Hmm?" There was little oxygen in his current location, causing him to feel strange within that confined space, but as soon as he raised his hand up, he directly opened that strange coffin he was in. "A coffin?" After he got up, he looked here and there. He was in a large darkened hall. Judging by the decorations and form of Hall, it was clear that he was in a palace...but whose palace? “Family Master, have you finished training in the coffin?” That gentle voice came from behind the door of that hall, he immediately realized that that strange coffin was something useful for training… He remembered seeing something like this before. Holding his head giving him a headache, his mind was still confused, but as soon as he heard that voice from behind the door calling him Family Master, he realized that he was not the same person he was before he died. He sat on that coffin while both hands were intertwined in confusion, he had a miniature view of his current situation but it was stil
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As John nenester
“The eight Emissaries….is that what you did?”Being still alive is baffling, there are quite a few people who can do this, and on top of them are the 'Emissaries'...“No..why would the Emissaries make me reincarnate after all the struggle that was between us..they could barely kill me..why would they give me another chance to return?”The number of questions running through his head was too many, but after all those years that he had lived, he had gained a calm and sober mind."Whatever the perpetrator is, he certainly does not intend least for now."Regardless of the actor, the first thing that came to John's mind as he started training was to regain even a small part of his strength.He stared at the palm of his right hand and began to sense the mana in mid-air, which is in his heart.“Patheticwner of the original body had barely started making the second knight chain around his body, while he hadn’t even started making the magic circle at all.”A milky thread-like white d
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In the dark
In another darkened hall in the same palace, footsteps echoed around. An old man appeared, wearing monochromatic glasses and a suit, his features very frosty. This old man is the butler in the nenester house, his name is jack " my lord " Respectfully, the old man bowed to the person who was sitting in a chair in the dark part of the hall. The old man did not receive any response from the person sitting on the chair. “Mr. Brian just came back from the National Academy last night, and it just so happens that family master john also dropped out of his training this morning.” John was already out of training this morning, and the first thing he did was go to the shower, and 'happily' the butler jack got the news quickly. "He's out? He's been training for three months in seclusion, he's definitely going to be exhausting, he's very persistent, reminds me a little of your little boy, by the way is he okay? hehehe... So jhon has come out, what he doesn't know is that the coffin he tra
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, On the table
In a hall surrounded by silence, the chandelier lit up above a medium-sized wooden table, on a luxurious chair. A beautiful young man, about 13 or 14 years old, was sitting, dressed in very luxurious clothes, while his features were very indifferent to what was going on around him.To his right, that maid Angela was standing smiling while holding the little boy's jacket."The place is so boring without john, angela, I'll train with Alex as soon as I finish my meal, send someone to tell him."The young man spoke in a tone that made him sound like an old adult rather than a small child."Yes, little sir."Meanwhile, the two guards guarding the door of that dining hall were at a loss, for no reason other than that the master of the family who had not shown himself for months had passed before them--John Nenester.John opened the dining room door and stared at the hall in front of him.He had just taken a quick shower and was hungry, so instead of having the cooks cook something for him,
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mission close
After finishing breakfast, Brian headed towards the training ground to practice magic with the Knight Commander.John n headed straight for the Marquise Hall as soon as he finished,What he admired most about this family was that it had undoubtedly inherited a lot from William of Nenester, who, looking at each one of them, could see that majestic and arrogant aura of his student.In addition, each member of this family seems very strange and keeps a lot of secrets, as was William Nenester."I'm here, mom."" sat down "John sat directly in front of his mother.Her features were very frosty and sober, undoubtedly worthy of the title of lady of the nenester house."John, you know the mansion is not in good shape, as the master of this family, even for a short time, you are responsible for solving such problems, and if you don't, this area will get even worse. Do you know the problem I'm talking about?"Through these simple words, John understood that his nation wanted him to bolster the
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Did any of you say anything?
Naturally, the features of John were not welcoming or nice, his features resemble an old man speaking against his will, with steadfast eyes. Especially after the dark magician has copied in this body, it now looks like an old and arrogant tomorrow, even though it is young. Undoubtedly, everyone in the square will believe that John looks at them with contempt, but that was his normal view at all times - but this does not deny that he looks at him with contempt "The master of the family, is there something bothering you?" "Nothing, I think you know what happened in the previous three months in the transit pass near the Hojen Forest" John said. "Yes, sir! Those*** , kidnap the villagers from our region, as well as merchants from the city of Sleria! They create an economic crisis for us and at the same time they spread terror in people!" It seems that everyone knows about this, this will provide the bother to explain the matter. "Does Sir plan to attack them?" Alex realized it di
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Victory and loss
Jimmy realized that John was trying to take the sword off of him, so he grabbed his sword more and took a step back.Instead of being pursued by John, he raised his hand up and threw the sword into his enemy's shoulder."You lost, boy in love"It's a very stupid method, killing someone by throwing a sword at them, no knight would think of doing like that in a serious duel.In fact the thing that made the sword go off in that way was that it was encased by mana, only witches could use the mana outside of their body, so no one believed that John, who is a knight, would use such a thing that only wizards have.Although the sword hit Jimmy's shoulder, it caused him severe wounds due to the armor, and John controlled the path of the sword and avoided any sensitive areas.Brian realized that that sword was completely encapsulated, “What??? Was that sword just fully encapsulated????”The Knight Commander Alex is at the 4th level, he can see John's true level and the changes that have taken p
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