Looking for fantasy novels & stories? Fantasy novel is a type of fiction telling stories in a totally fictional world without real location, events and people, about magic power, supernatural creatures etc. MegaNovel offers a vast collection of popular fantasy novels and books online. Check the novels list below.

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Called by the Dragon
Called by the Dragon
bxg Warrior Fantasy
Mana Sol
The Empire rules on the wings of dragons. Riders are hand-selected for training from childhood, and Anzi is one of the rare few who wait to hatch theirs this year. Until she discovers the terrible truth that the dragon riders are not partners with their dragons: they're slavers. The dragons are bred in captivity and enslaved from within the egg, and they are nothing but mindless shadows of what their once-noble species used to be. After two hundred years, the surviving dragons in the wild are coming back to rescue their brethren. How they survived the Purge, no one knows, but they are angry and they are coming, in fire and in storm. And as she struggles to come to terms with the realization that the nation she loves so much that she would give her life for it may be nothing more than propaganda and illusion, she discovers something else: The dragons who survived the Purge are shifters, able to hide in human form. And Anzi has met one of them already. Her mate.
The Way of the Dragon
The Way of the Dragon
Adventurous Fantasy legend
Meng Xun Qian Gu
Zephyr Khan, the King of Alchemy, was reborn in his youth. He took the Ancient Draconic Way to refine his body and cultivate supreme sword skills! In this life, he was destined to ascend to the top of martial arts, Even the most gifted one was inferior to him!
Hunters: The Prequel
Hunters: The Prequel
Harem Mature mythology
"My heritage is a strange one, my destiny even stranger. My journey is not for the faint hearted, and even my friends cannot truly be trusted. Yet I will come out on top, for I am the Supreme"Our story starts on the planet of Zandor, as a young boy realizes that his path isn't as simple as it seems. Follow Mane as he strives to understand what it means to be a Supreme, and uncover the reason why so many gods want him dead.
Dragon's mate
Dragon's mate
Love Romance Paranormal
ocean wide
"Hey! I know you! You spilled my coffee on me the other day... What.. Where am I? What have you done?"Elizabeth was confused and disoriented."O my Gooood you talk too much!" a guy that looked like he was a part of the mountain said and sta**** her in the neck with a syringe.She felt panic starting to rise within her but soon enough darkness pulled her and she lost her conscience.Elizabeth, a 23year old New York resident finally had her life under control, just the way she wanted it. Never had she imagined that stopping for coffee on her way to work one day could change her life the way it did.Henry Johnson just celebrated his 162 birthday. Long ago he gave up hope on finding his soul mate, a person perfect for him, created just for him, promised to him by Gods that his ancestors believed in, that he believed in.And now there she was sleeping unconscious in his bed. He had taken her without giving it any thought but he had no choice, he had to have her next to him. He just had to. But she didn't seem to feel the same towards him and that confused him. She was supposed to feel their bond the way that he did. But he will there, he will make her fall for him. She will love him one way or the other.
Kingsman Return
Kingsman Return
Bearing the destruction of their home, Arran and his parents were exiled to a foreign land. As a newborn, Arran grew up living a life filled with strife and danger before experiencing a short 3 years of normal life filled with peace after the disappearance of his parents. Unfortunately, peace was never meant for him as a series of unreal circumstances leads to him returning to his homeland and finding out that the life he knew was not all that he thought it to be. This discovery leads him to even more danger as he is forced to uncover the truth of an ancient conspiracy and the cause of his exile and the disappearance of his parents.
Life as A Servant
Life as A Servant
Tragedy Magic Dark
‘Life is cruel’, Such a saying can be applied to Bin, who’s a youth diagnosed with a strange terminal illness. He passes every day working various odd jobs to support himself and earn enough money for his young sister after his imminent death. However, his life gets turned upside down when he meets Jasmine Lemore, a girl hailing from a very rich family. "I've come for my money, but since you can't pay, I'll have you become my loyal servant. You have no right to refuse!"
The Prince Who Was Raised in Hell
The Prince Who Was Raised in Hell
Adventurous Prince Fantasy
Liu Ya
I, Caspian Montgomery, have returned from the hellhole prison. I’ll use this Nine-Foot Titan Sword to move mountains, part the seas, cultivate myself to ascension, and rule the world.
Mated to the Dragon Twins
Mated to the Dragon Twins
Fantasy Romance Dragon
A girl lost without her Dragon, Two Alpha twins, A crazed brother trying to kill her, Brother's girlfriend who's jealous as sin. All in a normal life huh? Aria's tale is full of pain, hurt and love but is she strong enough to weather the storm to find her happy ending with her mates, or will it be too much to break her?This is a fantasy romance novel with explicit scenes of sex and hard language so would recommend for readers 18+ This is the first novel written by the author so please don't expect perfection, helpful criticism is always welcome but hate will not be tolerated so please be mindful of the words you use and the effect they have on others!x.DanahLouise.x
His Caged Princess
His Caged Princess
bxg Adventurous Arrogant
Moonlight Muse
Princess Layana's birth was a mystery and her heritage a secret. Despite the luxurious life of a royal, she simply wished for a life away from the cage-like palace. Declan of House Storm was the sole survivor of a massacred clan, an event that gave birth to the darkness within him. Fuelled by hate, rage and betrayal he wants nothing but to get revenge on the royals that slaughtered his family. What will happen when the shielded princess with a heart as pure as the first ray of dawn meets the heir whose soul is shrouded in a blanket of darkness. Will he set her free from her shackles? Will she be able to lead him to the light before it’s too late? When the first whispers of darkness spread from the borders, they are brought together to protect the kingdom.Beware the prophecy decreed a long time passed for it may hold their world in its balance. -------- “It seems Lord Declan holds more ignorance than he is aware, we are women with emotions, wishes and hopes that we put behind us for the betterment of the kingdom,” Layana said her eyes flashing “Do enlighten me, what exactly can the precious jewels of the kingdom do for its people?” Declan mocked arrogantly. “Jewels? You compare us to items devoid of emotions, but yes, like jewels, we will be given away to the highest bidder. So before assuming princesses are simply there to play dress up and have tea parties, remember our lives are not simply fun and games!”
Dragon's Misplaced Mate
Dragon's Misplaced Mate
Nerd Romance Paranormal
Blaze is the black dragon, who is the king of the dark realm. The unknown realm in the Fairy. Only a few Fae know about the existence of the biggest realm in Fairy.Blaze is powerful, fierce, domineering, minds his own business and his word is a rule in the dark realm. He is intelligent and prefers to be alone. He doesn't lack the attention of a woman, but no one ever captured his attention for more than an hour.Isabella is a human girl, who was kidnapped from her home to replace her look-alike, Arabella.Arabella belongs to a rich family in fairy, whose mother is a fae and father is a human man. Her father forced her to participate in the bridal run, where a dragon claims a woman as his bride.Isabella wakes up in fairy, all disoriented. Before she could understand what is happening around her, she is being claimed by Blaze, who usually never participates in these runs, as his bride.Will Blaze find out that the girl he claimed is not who he thinks she is?Can Isabella go back home?Will Isabella's hate for dragons become a hinder to their love?What are the reasons behind her occasionally glowing palms?Where is Koni?Or, is it someone else from his family?Will he be successful in Bela?
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