I Got Into a Stupid Novel Character

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I Got Into a Stupid Novel Character

By: Ray Genus Ongoing

Language: English

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I live in modern times filled with facilities and intelligence beyond reason. Even though life is lacking, I have a mother who has always loved me all this time. I don't enjoy reading fiction because it makes little sense, and my life goes to wisdom and wanting to change the world. But I found it fiction, and one of the main characters was so stupid. I hate stupid people because their stupidity always bothers me. But one day, those disgusting people did something so inhumane that I tumbled into the first and last novel I read.


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8 chapters
Chapter 1 - The Trash
Chapter 1 - The Trash"Cuh!" that disgusting and smelly thing stuck to his face. Kang Li stared at him in disbelief. They only dared to play in groups and gang up on him. It was satisfaction when the five people had fun with the helpless toy."Hey, the smell of your garbage sticks in this school." Said another.Kang Li was there trying to be inconspicuous between lunch hours, he wished he could eat quietly without being disturbed, but that was just dreaming. They would think he was in the library when he thought of leaving class. Although there is a prohibition against being quiet, it does not apply to children with more power.Kang Li's day wasn't good today. His lunchbox lay on the ground and was trampled by many arrogant humans."Oh my god, look at my shoes on the dirt." Annoyed by that, he smeared the soiled shoe base on Kang Li's shirt. He wanted to bite his leg stuck to his shoulder, choosing to stay on his mother's advice.'Don't be sad, my dear. I am very proud to have been ab
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Chapter 2 – Oamaru
Chapter 2 – OamaruBefore it was formed, the people gathered in camps in the kingdom's land. They came from all corners of the earth, wanting to rest in that place after a long journey.Troop leaders from each group are also preparing to stay overnight. Some had camped there before the others arrived.One of them was the Moores, who had just arrived. He and his family are making preparations for hunting."Welcome." said someone standing in front.He saw a shadow blocking him from the sun, then lifted his head."Introducing, I am the leader of the family army and the strongest knight. My name is Drake," he said, holding out his hand.Rowling accepted the outstretched hand and stood up as well."My name is Moore," he answered."This is a welcome gift from us." while handing over a deer he just got. His catch was hit by an arrow in the thigh and bound by wood."Thank you very much," replied Moore, taking the gift and giving it to one of his entourage members."Come on, I'll take you to s
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Chapter 3 - The Magic
Chapter 3 - The MagicRowling held two weapons in hand, and the remnants of his dagger flew up to strike one of the heads, flying with light golden-colored Mana controlled.[Hosh...hosh]One of his weapons was bitten, spinning around into the dragon's head as it tried to get close to its wings.Powerful wind gusts from its body parts hampered their movement and destroyed the surrounding objects. Quietly sneaking behind the dragon, it was seen that the two wings were busy moving to make pungent wisps of wind.Rowling concentrated Mana in all his daggers, making them three times larger than before. He cut off both dragon wings in one slash [Craaat]. His four blades pierced the red-eyed dragon's head from all sides."Let's see, can you still act after I cut you off?" The two successfully subdued wings made the two partners quickly approach the other half. Ryson slithered under the dragon aiming for the legs and tail, dodging its fury, which had just lost its wings and groaned in pain.He
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Chapter 4 - What is it?
Chapter 4 - What is it?"Master, where are you going?" someone said to him.I looked for the sound source and found a maid carrying a food trolley.Wearing a uniform decorated with white lace accents and a black dress with a short orange haircut, I rushed to her and grabbed the maid's shoulders. The maid at the front looked shocked and frightened. However, I paid no heed to her expression.Now, in his mind, was how to get out of this strange and strange place."Where is the hospital reception room?" while still holding the maid tightly."Hospital? What is it, sir?" asked the waiter."Sir? What do you mean the 'master' the maid called?" I asked.I was apprehensive about his mother and wanted to see her worried if his father or siblings would visit the house.The strongest desire now was to take her away from there."What do you mean you don't know the hospital? Since when did the hospital look like this?" I asked angrily.[Glup]The maidservant grew more frightened, worried that the pe
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Chapter 5 – The Origin
Chapter 5 – The OriginAlan is sitting in the dining room with his family. They look the same as the painting I saw this morning, busy enjoying the dishes on the table.His father sits in the central part as the head of the family. A woman is also called mother by Alan's sister on the right. They all have beautiful faces.[Klang…Klang…klang]Many people were standing serving the family, eating, holding bottles of wine, or holding trolleys carrying banquets.Alan sat on his left, trying to feel what was happening to him, spinning around in her thoughts. How is his mother doing now? Makes the good food in front taste bland."Mother, look! Alan is crying, " said the youngest girl, holding a glass of milk in her hand, almost falling.The woman didn't care what was going on, then said, "For someone who is about to have a manhood event soon shouldn't cry like a woman,""Moreover, he is a man," she answered, who was called by her mother with a sharp glance."Unless he is aware of the mistake
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Chapter 6 – The Sign
Chapter 6 – The SignAlan sensed the sound was coming from the army of knights in training, finding the same flag as Duke Rowling's family crest in the bathroom, fluttering above the high ramparts.Several posts are guarded by many people, complete with armor and weapons they carry, such as swords, bows, and spears.They tried to ignore the screams, chose not to listen, started walking back out of the noisy place, and then heard the sound again."At least the status of an illegitimate child fits perfectly with a servant." said someone with a large body and a bald head. It looked like he was the commander of the troops."Hahahahaha." People started laughing out loud."Suddenly, tastes will indeed follow the line of descent." said another.Alan walked up to them. I don't know what instinct made me suddenly angry and want to invite him to a duel. Is it because of pride as a man? or does the owner of this body not accept being insulted? Walk with confidence and can gag them all.He picked
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 Chapter 7 – The First
Chapter 7 – The FirstThe fierce battle came to a halt after the sword fell. Alan held the wound with his hand, and fresh blood flowed in between as his knees hit the ground, showing that he had lost the fight. The commander goes to the troops, and they shout for his arrival."Yeah...""He deserves it!"Mary ran over and saw the wound on his neck."I am alright. My wound is only scratched." Alan answered before the woman asked about his condition.Mary took out her handkerchief, smeared some liquid medicine on top, and gave it to him to tie.The Mana magic circle absorbed more energy, making his body limp. It was the first time he felt a magical power that he had difficulty controlling.His hands and body trembled to get rid of him, gripping tightly."A servant child possesses the great power of the forefathers." said the commander approaching Alan."Why don't we just continue?" is calm and standing."A damaged or broken weapon is a sign that the duel is over." they turned away from
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Chapter 8 – The Rowling
Chapter 8 – The RowlingAfter reading the history book of the founding of the Oamaru empire and how this kingdom emerged, Alan was amazed and fascinated by the heroic story of those born of one of the most respected descendants in establishing the kingdom.In other historical records, five hundred years ago, after Rowling's family finished sealing Mana, once every hundred years, the successor boys would go wandering and perform the task after reaching the peak of maturity.After returning from the mission, the previous head of the successor family helped at the unique altar ceremony. The King and other dignitaries witnessed and were a success. They heard that the court had hung his uncle because he had signs he was about to stage a coup usurpation with his followers."Calm down, my son," trying to calm him, who looked at the King in disbelief."What have I missed?"The young man ran out of the room to meet his uncle."What happened? While leaving the hometown and family."[Braak] forc
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